Whatsapp will now let you delete sent messages (Delete for everyone) within 1 hour.

The “Delete for Everyone” feature was rolled out officially by WhatsApp in last year in November for all Windows, iOS and Android users! This feature allows the user to delete any sent messages (images, audios, videos) within 68mins and 16secs or 4096 seconds which was 7 minutes or 420 seconds in the earlier version. But according to a fan site, “WABetaInfo”, this particular feature works only in WhatsApp Android in the 2.18.69 beta version. The stable version will be soon released for iOS and Android. So till now, only beta testers of WhatsApp Android can take help of this new feature of the increased deadline.

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Starting off this feature

In last year November when this feature was launched it allowed WhatsApp users to erase sent messages within 7 minutes after they have already sent that particular message. When the message was successfully deleted, both the sender and the receiver used to get a notification. Since this new feature was a blast for the people, a number of users started to complain since the time for erasing a particular message was very limited. So that is why it is being noted by WhatsApp who will undoubtedly take care of this matter with a new update that will allow each and every user to delete a message or media after 1 hour also!
Upcoming new features!

In the meantime, WhatsApp is also working simultaneously over its newest feature that will let users mark particular messages as ‘Forwarded message’ for a same or different chat. Presumably, this new feature will be available for beta version 2.18.67 of Android. Another new feature that is simultaneously under development is the sticker feature for Android that will come to limelight in sometime soon! WhatsApp, which is possessed by Facebook now, has joined support for a feature that is now currently disabled; that is to redirect stickers to any other chats.


Whatsapp will now let you delete sent messages (Delete for everyone) within 1 hour. 1
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Another feature that is also being tested by WhatsApp is a new feature called ‘Group Description’ (which is available on the beta version). This new ‘Group Description’ features let you add a type of group description and you can do it by just tapping simply on the name of a particular group. At the bottom of the group, you will find the option to add a description. Another little information about this update is that adding a group description can also be done by a Non-group admin.

For iOS user, with the WhatsApp version 2.18.30, you get the option of sharing location and time stickers just like you can do it on Snapchat and Instagram. Open a chat and click on the ‘+’ option and choose ‘Photo and Library’ option and then select a picture. Click on the smiley icon which then appears and you will find location stamps, emojis, time stamps. When you choose a location, do pinpoint the location when WhatsApp asks you. Along with this, you can also search a new participant from a group info window itself with the new update!

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