Here Are Some Cool New WhatsApp Features, You Haven’t Explored

World’s most popular messaging app, WhatsApp has since its launch in 2000, always seen skies. With over 100 billion messages being sent over a day, WhatsApp is constantly offering varied additional WhatsApp features to its valued customers. With advancements in security & privacy options, there is always something new that the Facebook-owned giant has on the table for the customers. 

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A plethora of new features that have recently being put live include these which you may not have discovered yet! Let’s dive into some of those new hidden features which will have stories attached. 

1. Multidevice support for chatting:

WhatsApp has a wonderful feature of multi-device support, which allows multiple devices logged into WhatsApp, with the same account, to stay on the same page. All the devices, 4 devices to start with, that are so connected, will receive new messages and showcase the same archived messages. To cut the crab short, all the devices would be in sync with the same account as they are logged into.

multidevice support

While multidevice support is beautifully supported by WhatsApp, what is really seen missing in the app is multi number support. Like, the native support for multiple accounts in Telegram, WhatsApp should now target for this multi number support, soon. 

Anyhow, WhatsApp was already supporting multiple devices through WhatsApp Web, which connects back to a phone account. But, WhatsApp Web requires a phone to be connected to the web. The new feature enables WhatsApp on multiple devices simultaneously, with no need to constantly connecting back to a phone.

Along with the messages, this feature also supports chat history sync on multiple associated devices.

2. WhatsApp’s Permanent mute switch:

With growing social contacts and group activities, people tend to join multiple groups for several associated activities. With all the active groups constantly posting a plethora of messages every minute, it may become chaos. With this option available in your WhatsApp, you can permanently must the notifications in those groups. Though the messages would constantly peep in, you can choose to view the same at your convenience. 

permanent mute

The permanent mute feature replaces the earlier feature that enabled muting for a year. In the above image, the ‘Always’ option is the one that replaces the mute for a year feature. With this feature, you can mute any unwanted group chats permanently.

To use this feature of permanent mute:

  1. Tap on the Chat
  2. Tap on the name of the group
  3. You will see a screen like the above-shown, select the mute –> always option

 3. Whatsapp Payments- one of the best WhatsApp features:

whatsapp payments

This long-awaited feature would now be available to a larger crowd, finally. However, out of the 400 million Indian users, only 20 million would have the WhatsApp Payment option in their app. Now, if you are one of those members having WhatsApp payment option, then setting up your payment account and paying and receiving money via WhatsApp is way more convenient.  

WhatsApp Payment
screenshot of WhatsApp payment

The in-app payment option enables users to make transactions via WhatsApp to their contact list. It was developed by the National Payments Corporation of India(NPCI). WhatsApp users can make the transactions, both send and receive money via chat as follows:

  1. Select the Share File option
  2. Select Payment

Users can even check their transaction history & account details in there. The payment system works on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) method, thereby, the fund transactions can be conveniently done without inserting that long and fuzzy bank account numbers and IFSC codes of recipients.

4. WhatsApp Web receives dark mode: 

Whatsapp web

Now, with this WhatsApp Web feature, Whatsapp account can seamlessly sync all your chats to desktop, and make provision for users to conveniently chat on whatever device is handy. Users can take and make WhatsApp calls directly from Desktop. Like the phone screen showing the accept or decline calls option, a popup window showing caller details and contact information will ease the user. Alongside, another floating window, showing the current connection status, mic options, and end call button, etc will appear.

whatsApp web

With the web provision rolled out, WhatsApp is now all set to introduce the dark mode feature for the same, which was already available for android and iOS users. 

This new feature will let the users change the color theme of WhatsApp from white to black. 

Find the steps to set the dark mode to your WhatsApp Web here:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp

        2: Find Settings and click Open

        3: In the Theme option, search for Dark theme, and click to apply

 5. Whatsapp Animated Stickers:

WhatsApp stickers are the new lively way of communication.

Whatsapp Animated Stickers

These stickers make the conversation easier and imbibe fewer efforts of typing. A picture speaks more than words, you see. 

6. Chat up to 50 people in the messenger room:

WhatsApp now features new chat rooms, wherein up to 50 people are allowed to chat together in a single video call. This WhatsApp messenger room supports WhatsApp web, too.

Chat up to 50 people in the messenger room

To enable the chat room

1. Open WhatsApp

2. Now, at the bottom-right side of the screen, tap on People

3. Tap on Create a Room. To add people who are not on Facebook, you just have to share the invitation link with them. You can add up to 50 people in a single room.

7. 138 new emoji’s:

New emoji’s of the chef, farmer, painter, among other profession depicting emoji’s, ‘racial’ emoji’s are a few of the 138 emoji’s, that are now introduced by WhatsApp in the Android beta version of the app. Now, you would find an emoji for every word and expression!

138 new emoji’s

8. Scan QR code to instantly add friends

Now, with this new feature, WhatsApp enables any user to scan a QR code and quickly add the associated mobile number to the contact list. That sounds really fast, isn’t it?

Scan QR

Along with these new introductions, WhatsApp is rolling out multiple more features, like featured phones can add WhatsApp status now, a new color chat bubble, one tap group-video calling icon, etc.

Here Are Some Cool New WhatsApp Features, You Haven't Explored 1
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