Whatsapp Web To Receive Voice And Video Support. All Details Here

Whatsapp users will soon be able to receive voice and video calling features on the web version. Now, what could be more convenient than receiving a call on the laptop, on which you are working, right? Not only this, Whatsapp web is bringing more additional features that are expected to go live in the coming week. 

WhatsApp to roll out five new features | Asia News
WhatsApp Web 2.2043.7 soon rolling out new features

Whatsapp is undoubtedly the pioneer among the messaging apps and no wonder, it has become more popular in the current lockdown situations. In a bid to provide the best user experience to the widespread Whatsapp user list, Whatsapp is reportedly rolling out features that would soon facilitate the users. 

What to expect from WhatsApp Web 2.2043.7? 

 Voice and Video Calls on the Web: 

WhatsApp is about to introduce Voice and Video Calls in the next few weeks, even if the development is in a beta-stage.

Explaining the voice and video feature on Web, the reliable source WhatsApp leakster WABetaInfo posted that on receiving a call from WhatsApp Web, a window will be presented wherein the option for accepting or declining the incoming call will pop-up. 

Whatsapp Web To Receive Voice And Video Support. All Details Here 1

While, when a call is received on the web window, another smaller window with the status of the call will appear as shown below

Whatsapp Web To Receive Voice And Video Support. All Details Here 2
WhatsApp Web

The windows, reportedly, offer more options for receiving calls as in the above image. Quite like the mobile version of Whatsapp, the window offers four choices as shown in the above image, which is the video option, mute option, the three dots option, and the disconnect call option. 

Messaging clients would see nothing out of the space, in this development, as there are a plethora of alternative messaging apps that offered similar calling features for a long time. But owing to the fact that WhatsApp, among the other messaging apps, has indeed most users around the globe, this is a solid upcoming feature.

The other major features, that land in, with the release of the 2.2043.7 version of Whatsapp are as follows: 

Multi-device support

The new release will be a relief for all the users, who like to stay updated on their multiple devices. WhatsApp is bringing in, multi-device support for its messaging platform. The update is only spotted in the beta update and still has to come in its stable version. Users can henceforth seamlessly use their personal WhatsApp accounts on multiple devices that they constantly use. 

New wallpaper support 

As per sources, WhatsApp will soon introduce a new wallpaper feature, wherein the users will be able to use wallpapers based on the theme of the application. Furthermore, the new update will also extend the option for downloading a new official wallpaper app from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp bug report

WhatsApp bug report will make it easy for users to file bug reports directly from the messaging app. The feature can only be used by the beta testers as of now. The feature will soon be made available, after testing.

History Sync feature

The history sync feature will tremendously ease the typing for the users by the traditional copy-paste technique. It will enable users to easily copy messages and other chats across the time-frame amongst multiple connected devices. The messaging content could also be traversed across the different platforms, as from Android devices to iOS devices and vice-versa.

Storage Usage

WhatsApp is seemingly enhancing its storage section while making it much more interactive to analyze the storage-related data. The improvement is expected to be visually engaging in management.

Expiring Media / View Once

WhatsApp is said to be working on this feature for quite a long time. The expiring media feature will tend to delete the media say an image, video, or GIFs, once the user leaves the chat. This can also be called temporary messages.

Always Mute

WhatsApp has reportedly, rolled out the Forever Mute feature for the beta testers. As the name suggests, this feature would let users mute a chat or group forever. Users could mute the groups for a limited period of one year, but now Whatsapp has facilitated the use by limitless muting. 

Since the official release of these features is still not been disclosed, users surely need to wait and find out the upcoming features. Hope this release augments the convenience of users of the globally used messaging app.

Whatsapp Web To Receive Voice And Video Support. All Details Here 5
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