Here’s A Quick Guide On How To Delete Multiple Bookmarks In Chrome

Wondering how to delete multiple bookmarks in chrome? Sometimes we do get stuck with multiple bookmarks that we no longer wish to have. These bookmarks just start making a mess on the page. So, here is how to delete multiple bookmarks in Chrome.

Delete Bookmarks in Chrome

Chrome, like all the other web browsers, gives an option to bookmark your favorite websites or most visited web pages in a separate Bookmarks bar. You can systemize the Bookmark bar with separate folders or maintain separate web pages.

multiple Bookmark

Maintaining this bookmark bar is way too easy. We can bookmark as many pages as required. Visit the pages whenever we wish through these bookmarks. 

I witnessed a recent query in Quora asking how to delete multiple bookmarks in chrome. This is too simple as well. 

You can use either of the 2 approaches to remove bookmarks from chrome.

Approach 1: How to delete multiple bookmarks in chrome from the Bookmark bar

The Bookmark bar can be maintained without any additional tool in place. We can add or delete the bookmarks from the bookmark bar itself. Be it a folder or a separate web page, you can right-click on the bookmark on the bar to find the drop-down list like this.

delete from bookmarks tab

Delete option is very prominently available in the drop-down list. Click it and boom goes your bookmark.

Approach 2: How to delete multiple bookmarks in chrome by using the settings tab.

You might all be very familiar with using the three dots on the top right corner of your chrome browser. All the settings related to your chrome is available in the drop-down that you receive by clicking these three dots.

When you click to open the drop-down list you would find a separate tab in the list that reads as Bookmark

This Bookmark tab is all that you need to manage your bookmarks. So click on the Bookmark and you will find another list as follows.

delete bookmarks

When you right-click on the folder of bookmarks that you wish to delete or the bookmark that you wish to delete then you will find another list like that.

delete bookmarks from setting

This list has a delete tab too. Just click to delete the bookmarks that you no longer need. 

So, deleting bookmarks is as simple as that. 

That said, I came across another Quora question by a young student on How to add Bookmarks on Chrome. How to delete bookmarks on chrome is the next step that is explained before. But one needs to know how to add one. The below explanation is for the people who are looking to add bookmarks(this is for the beginner users of Chrome).

How to add Bookmarks on Chrome? 

When you open any web page, you find a star at the end of the link tab. Just click it and it will turn its color. Here blue. This opens a small additional page asking for the name you wish to give and the place you want it to be saved, as below.

add bookmarks

Just enter the details and click Done. You will see the Bookmark added to the Bookmark bar.

As of today, everyone is well-versed with creating, viewing, and editing a bookmark. Now you know the deleting single and multiple bookmarks process, too.  But what if you have lost a bookmark and don’t know where to find it? Then please read along.

 Find a lost Bookmark

NOTE: A deleted bookmark cannot be recovered. Creating one is easier than solving the riddle! But we can very well find a bookmark which you feel missing, you can try these steps.

delete multiple bookmarks on chrome

Approach 1: Sign in to our Chrome 

If you had synced your e-mail id to your Chrome while bookmarking the web pages, then the bookmarks will appear only after you are signed in to your email account. Or else bookmark bars will not show the bookmarks that you have saved.

  1. Open the Chrome browser and check the name on the People icon that you see on the top right corner.
  2. You can right-click on the above people icon to find the details of the person whose account is sync with chrome.
  3. Just login to your account and sync to find the bookmarks.

Approach 2: Make sure that the Bookmark bar is not hidden

As discussed earlier, bookmarks can be very well managed with the Bookmark tab in the top right corner three-dot menu.

Click More –> Goto Bookmarks–> Show Bookmarks Bar.

Approach 3: Check-in all the Bookmark folders

Newly created bookmarks are saved by default in the last bookmark, in which you saved a bookmark. So do check in that bookmark in particular.

If how to delete all bookmarks section was interesting and you are curious about these bookmarks, then you can even read the import bookmark section below.

Import bookmarks & settings

If you wish to open your bookmarks on another System or another browser, for instance, you can switch without compromising on your settings, and get back all the bookmarks for your favorite websites. 

Almost all the browsers including Chrome, maintain your settings that include a range of information like:

  • 1. History
  • 2.default search engines
  • 3. default homepage
  • 5. saved passwords


All that said, working with bookmarks on your browser is like a luxury. You have all the important and usually used web pages alongside, making your work easier!

Here’s A Quick Guide On How To Delete Multiple Bookmarks In Chrome 1
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