What makes Sony and LG two of the most popular electronics brands in the Indian market

What makes Sony and LG two of the most popular electronics brands in the Indian market 1

The Indian marketplace is full of variety when it comes to electronics, with tens of brands offering a range of appliances such as smartphones, music systems, laptops, TVs, washing machines, dishwashers, ACs, refrigerators, tablets and more. However, despite several brands offering quality products at a competitive price, Sony and LG certainly come out on top. To understand what makes them a popular pick amongst Indian buyers, here is an overview of a few of their standout features.


A Japanese company, Sony’s goal is to fill the world with emotion through the power of creativity and technology. It has done so through its vast range of consumer electronics, be it smartphones, music systems, laptops and TVs that all offer an excellent user experience and immense customer satisfaction. Take a look at some of the exceptional features provided by Sony through its various electronic offerings.

Excellent sound quality

Sony music systems are designed to provide you with theatre-like sound quality at home. Whether it’s mega bass or noise control that cancels out external noises and disturbances, Sony offers features that make your audio experience richer and cleaner. The wireless headphones by Sony, for instance, deploy an effective noise cancelling technology. This means that you can listen to every note of a song clearly, even if you’re commuting via crowded public transport. Fortunately, the brand offers an unparalleled sound experience via its smartphones and Sony TVs as well. 

To get a taste of the excellent sound capabilities that Sony has to offer, consider investing in a Sony 2.1 Dolby Atmos single soundbar (HT-X8500). This sleek Sony music system is non-intrusive, but packs a punch. It powers your audio output with its built-in subwoofers, and creates a 3D sound experience via its vertical engine. Apart from various sound modes, the soundbar also connects to a Sony TV via Bluetooth. If you’re keen on pairing the Sony soundbar with a Sony TV, consider models such as Sony Bravia OLED A9G TV.

Superior motion handling

Sony smartphones and TVs are the perfect choice for gamers. The motion handling feature in both these electronics lets you play high speed games or videos without missing out on any of the effects. This means that you get a clear, high resolution image at all times, even when you’re watching a sporting event or a high-speed chase sequence, without any trace of distortion or blur. To view Sony’s superior motion handling in action, pick the Sony X9500G TV, with X-Motion Clarity that offers unparalleled precision when it comes to image movement control.


In India, LG TVs are just as well-known as LG washing machines and refrigerators. In fact, LG is also the world’s best-selling OLED brand. With innovations that not only offer convenience to the customers, but are also environment-friendly, LG is an ideal choice if you are looking for a brand that promotes a smarter way of living. Take a look at the key features on offer when you pick an LG appliance.


LG washing machines, refrigerators and even ACs are designed keeping minimal energy consumption in mind. This not only allows you to save on your electricity bills right now, but also helps you to reduce your carbon footprint in the long run. 

Certain LG washing machines, for instance, are known to use less water without compromising on the wash quality. If you buy the 21kg/12kg twin load LG washing machine (F0K4CHK2T2_F70E1UDNK1), you can not only launder various types of fabrics without compromising their integrity courtesy of the 6 Motion Direct Drive technology, but also make use of the twin tubs to run two wash cycles simultaneously. Most importantly, however, you can dry your clothes via Eco Dry or Normal Dry modes. Both modes offer quick drying without consuming excessive amounts of water or electricity. 


Another feature that makes LG a preferred brand amongst Indian consumers is the fact that its products are extremely easy to use. Whether it is an LG washing machine or an LG TV, the company is known to offer a user experience that is smooth and intuitive. Take for example the many smart LG TVs available in the market today. LG’s WebOS is considered to be one of the best in the market, because it’s easy to navigate and has a short learning curve. Moreover, whether you pick a high-end or mid-range LG TV model, you can enjoy the complete, unedited WebOS experience.

Additionally, LG TVs such as the 65SM9000PTA TV come with a Magic Motion Remote that is powered by Bluetooth. This unique technology improves the remote’s efficacy, allowing you to operate the TV from any corner of the room. Similarly, the mobile connection overlay programme improves your experience as a viewer by letting you view content from your phone on your LG TV’s screen, while parallelly viewing a TV programme on the other half of the screen!

With such beneficial features on offer, it makes sense to furnish your home with electronics from these brands. You can now purchase a Sony or LG home or personal appliance of your choice through the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network, by shopping online or offline, via No Cost EMIs. With financing of up to Rs.4 lakh available to you, repayable over a flexible tenor of up to 24 months, you can buy appliances, gadgets, apparel, accessories, groceries and much more, while enjoying exclusive deals, discounts and cashback.

The straightforward application procedure and minimal documentation requirements make this shopping Network all the more beneficial. You can simply pay via the EMI Network Card, and if you don’t have one, you can apply for instant, in-store financing by visiting a partner store. To kick start shopping for products from LG and Sony, remember to check your pre-approved offer from Bajaj Finserv. It’s the easiest and quickest way of accessing the finance you need to complete your purchase.

What makes Sony and LG two of the most popular electronics brands in the Indian market 3
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