Home Office Accessories You Can’t Live Without

Now that your job has moved permanently out of the office building and into your home, it’s time to stop making do and start setting up a workspace you can enjoy for the long haul. Here are three must-haves when it comes to rethinking your home office comfort and productivity.

home office accessories


If your neck has a permanent cramp from balancing your phone between your cheek and your shoulder while you multitask during calls, it’s time to invest in a headset. Hands-free headsets using VoIP allow you to move freely around your office without compromising sound or speech quality.

For even greater convenience, opt for a headset that features Bluetooth connectivity. The cordless connection means you won’t need to pause important conversations to get up and answer the front door or get your laundry out of the dryer. Try a few models on for comfort before investing, then start enjoying the freedom of using a headset for all your important calls.

Standing Desk

When you work from home and your key equipment is within arms’ reach, it’s much too easy to sit all day. Because of the detrimental health impact of spending so much time on your keister, switching to a standing desk can work wonders when it comes to ensuring you don’t suffer the ill effects of being sedentary.

Research shows that engaging in any sort of physical activity throughout your workday brings numerous physical and psychological benefits. Standing encourages you to engage in short bursts of movement that, although small, can improve everything from your cardiovascular health to your ability to focus. Most standing desks can be adjusted to sitting or standing positions for all-day comfort.

Dedicated Monitor

Finally, ditch squinting at your compact screen and connect a full-sized monitor to your laptop. Not only will you enjoy improved graphics, but your ability to multitask will also be enhanced if you opt to work from both screens. As a bonus, rather than ruining your posture by looking down at your laptop screen all day, you can set your dedicated monitor at the ideal height and eye level to reduce discomfort. Once you add a monitor to your laptop, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one.

When you’re working from home long-term, it pays to invest in equipment that will improve your comfort and maximize your productivity. Adding a headset, standing desk, or dedicated monitor to your office setup will go a long way toward making your workdays more enjoyable.

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