[Solved] How to Unblock Avast League Of Legends

Wonder how to deal with the Avast League of Legends Problem? Let’s get started. Online gaming has undoubtedly played an important role in bringing together people across the globe. The world is full of gamers and the online gaming platforms not only allow these people to play but at the same time provides an exceptional and intense social environment where people from different nooks of the world, irrespective of the country they belong to, could interact and evaluate the game.

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When it comes to online gaming, the game which has indeed left quite a significant mark in this world of playing over a computer network, particularly over the Internet is the LEAGUE OF LEGENDS.

The League of Legends is an online, multiplayer action-based video game where players are supposed to make real-time strategies to survive the extensive action on the battlefield.

It’s one of the most famous PC video games ever, having an enormous player count of nearly 100 million players every month.

Wow!! That’s a huge number.

We’re living in a generation where there are a plethora of options when it comes to online gaming. However, the League player numbers discussed in the previous segment of this article are evident enough to prove that this game is still running in the race of the best online games to date. The game was launched in 2009, and since then the number of online games in the market has risen exponentially. Despite being old, the game still holds a significant position in the online gaming market.

 Few reasons which back this game’s popularity are:

  • The game is regularly updated.
  • Offers quite a competitive environment to all the players from across the world.
  • It’s a multiplayer game, which definitely is more fun.
  • The visuals are attractive, vivid, and enticing enough to engage the players.

The Avast League of Legends Problem!

Lately, many players have reported that Avast, which is one of the most popular antivirus software has choked the running of League of Legends on their systems. The users got pop-ups which suggested the game’s Incompatibilities with avast are causing the players to disconnect from games. The users were suffering from the Avast blocking league of legends launcher, which abandoned them from enjoying the game anymore.

[Solved] How to Unblock Avast League Of Legends 1
league of legends avast problem

It seems that the game was inharmonious with the Avast software, which eventually led to the messages suggesting the users change their antivirus software in order to continue with the League of Legends.

The problem is considerable enough owing to the number of common users of the game and the antivirus software respectively and hence requires a quick solution. But before checking out the solutions, let’s look into the possible reasons leading to the Avast League of Legends problem:

  • The anti-cheat solution in the League of Legends is detecting the Avast anti-exploit as a cheating tool and hence lashing itself.
  • The Avast antivirus protects the system from any possible malware or malicious files. This feature thereby detects the executable files of  League of Legends as TROJANS and hence blocks the game.

How to bypass Avast Site Blocking?

Now that we know the possible causes for the error, let’s directly jump to the solutions to resolve the Avast League of Legends issue.

Update Avast

  1. Updating the Avast Client software might sound like the most unconventional or straightforward solution for a far more complex incompatibility issue, but might solve the “how to bypass avast site blocking’ problem in one shot.
  2. Updating the current version will result in the Beta version of the Avast software which serves 2 major purposes for both Avast 19.6.2383 and AVG 19.6.3098:
  • Better compatibility with anti-debug/anti-cheat measures.
  • High memory fixation (Avast Shield)

This will automatically solve the Avast incompatibility issues with the League of Legends.

Add Exceptions to Avast

  1. As discussed earlier, Avast wrongly recognizes The League of Legends game as a Trojan, therefore it’s important to reinstate the files from the virus chest and add them to exceptions.
  2. Open Avast Antivirus on PC
  3. Look for Virus Chest, under Protection
[Solved] How to Unblock Avast League Of Legends 2
avast league of legends
  1. Look for the League of Legends and select all the files related to it in the collection of files which have been identified as malicious and harmful by Avast.
  2. Select Restore and add to exclusions, from the context menu

This would restore the files related to the League of Legends and add them to exceptions which otherwise were deleted on being falsely detected as malware by the Avast. This indeed is an easy and quick way to bypass the Avast League of Legends problem, when the first method fails.


  • Open Menu<Settings
  • Click Exceptions under the General Tab
  • Click Add Exception

avast league of legends[Solved] How to Unblock Avast League Of Legends 3

  • Add the following files from the game installation folder in the exception list.




League of Legends.exe

  • Restart your PC to see the changes.
  • This would add the game files to the Avast Exception list, and you can now enjoy the League of legends .


You can resolve the Avast League of Legends problem by directly installing the beta version of the Avast rather than updating the current version on your system.

avast league of legends

There you are!!

Now, you can secure your system with Avast and enjoy the League of Legends simultaneously without any compatibility issues between the two. 

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