Best 7 online games like harvest moon for android

One of the most iconic games, Harvest Moon is a series of farm simulation games by Amccus. The game offers a combination of light role-playing and a variety of gameplay. The game includes planting crops, revitalising a run-down farm, raising livestock and, socialising with other characters, mining, selling your products in the market, gathering resources and hunting for food. The harvest moon is considered one among the best game because of its diversity, beautiful graphics and challenging tasks.

games like harvest moon

If this is your kind of game, and you are looking for some really good games which are similar to Harvest moon, then we have the best alternatives for you.

Here is our list of the 7 Best online games like harvest moon for android

Stardew Valley


Developed by ConcernedApe and published by Chucklefish, Stardew Valley is inspired by online games like harvest moon for android. However, Stardew Valley takes you to a new level with the improved customization options, original music, various tools and plenty of side activities that you get to access. In the game, you will be given your own piece of land where you have to clear all the weeds and bushes. In Stardew Valley to you have to take care of animals, plant crops, craft machines, engage with other townsfolk and so much more. You can customise your house to your liking, explore mines filled with monsters, create beautiful gardens and set up sprinkler systems. Just like real-life farm each action you perform will take time and you will get benefits.

You get to converse with a lot of unique characters wherein every character has its personal cutscenes. Additionally, your character can get married to one from the list of bachelors / bachelorettes.

This game will definitely live up to the expectations of all fans who love online games like harvest moon for android. You can play Stardew valley in computers with Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems and also in PS4 and Xbox One.

Rune Factory 4


Rune factory 4 is a farming and simulation RPG developed by Neverland Co. Ltd. and published by Marvellous AQL for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is very similar to online games like harvest moon for android, in terms of gameplay with some minor improvements.

Similar to online games like harvest moon for android, in this game too you have to cultivate farms, explore mines and marry another character. However, apart from farming, the game is more centred on combat. In the game you have, you will need to craft your own equipment through different resources. The equipment that you create will help you character to progress to the next level.

In Rune Factory 4, you get to control a large farm and even a town.  Your task will be to improve the infrastructure of the town, clearing the city of monsters and recruiting more characters. You can also issue orders such as hosting a party or harvesting event. You can have a child together with the character you marry and equipment that you create can be used by your child as well. This is one of the best online games like harvest moon for android to enjoy. Give it a try!

World’s Dawn


World’s Dawn is highly inspired by online games like harvest moon for android, you will get a beautiful village set on a seaside where you can grow your own food and live in harmony with others. Similar to online games like harvest moon for android, there will may unique characters that you can converse with. While you are entering into the game, you will be asked to pick up your gender, name and even a hairstyle. Once you customise your character, you can enter into the village and start interacting with the game world.

You will get crops, livestock and a farmhouse that you can change as per your preference. Additionally, you can participate in activities like fishing, mining, hunting and cooking. You can either just raise animals or become a full-time farmer. The tasks that you take up to finish are completely up to you.

There are about 32 individual characters that roam around the town and you get a real-time experience with how frisky they feel. The graphics and visuals in the World’s Dawn are quite refreshing; you will notice small details like pets and beautiful flowers on the roadside which make the world even more enchanting.

Shepherd’s Crossing 2


With so much advanced graphics and versatility, Shepherd’s Crossing 2 is more innovative version of online games like harvest moon for android. The game was released in 2010 and developed by Graffiti Entertainment.

Even though Shepherd’s Crossing 2 is quite similar to online games like harvest moon for android, but here you don’t have to spend too much time on repetitive tasks in farming. The game is rather packed with exploration based experience and lets you choose your own tasks.

You will get control over the layout of your farm, the kind of animals you want to breed and also the relationships that you want to build with other characters. The marriage feature in this game is not as good as other online games like harvest moon for android and other similar alternatives. The other features of the game include the ability to expand the farmland in order to grow more crops and breed more animals. The visuals are anime based with plenty of unique features which make Shepherd’s Crossing 2 a game which is worth a try.

Farm for your Life


Farm for your Life is another farming simulation game similar to online games like harvest moon for android with lots of Indie features and combination of zombies, management, farming and defence.

These well-embedded elements are wrapped with beautiful graphics which make the whole gameplay a very entertaining experience. The game is set in a town which is struck by a heavy thunderstorm and has unleashed the zombies. You have to build the town again from the scratch with the help of other survivors while fighting with the walking dead.

You can design your own character and chose the tasks that you want to take. In the game, you have to get resources to grow your farm with all kinds of vegetables and fruits, breed animals and even manage a restaurant. With the in-game store, you will be able to buy several items to grow your farm and restaurant. Once you progress with the game, your farm and the restaurant will also grow and you get some fun upgrades as well.

While gathering the resources, you will have to fight with the zombies from time to time. You can build mazes and towers with the defence elements to protect your assets from zombie invasion. With a varied gameplay and friendly setting, this game is all about survival without any weapons. For those you are fed of old farming and online games like harvest moon for android, Farm for your Life would be a refreshing change.

Funky Barn


One of the most adorable simulation online games like harvest moon for android, Funky Barn is exclusively for Wii U where you need to build a farm with cute animals and increase productivity with the farm. There are various animal breeds that you can choose from such as sheep, cow, buffalo, etc.

You have to take your uncle Hatsworth’s farm after his death. When you enter the game, you will be given an empty piece of land with a limited number of tools and resources. Your target is the farm economically with the use of latest robotics. You will get the liberty to choose from different levels of difficulty- easy, medium and hard.

When you progress with the game and reach the level of a skilled farmer, you can get into a more advanced level. Apart from managing the farm, taking care of the animals is also an important task in the game.  You can name all your animals and have to breed them to keep growing their numbers. Taking care of your animals will include feeding them and providing appropriate barns for them. You will need to place decorations and plants trees to keep the animals happy so that they don’t leave your farm. The gameplay in Funky Barn is pretty simple games like harvest moon, once you succeed in the first task, you can unlock other farm levels.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf


Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a quite popular life and social simulation game where you can take the role of the Mayor in a small village. You can explore the village, interact with the residents and participate in several activities like farming, hunting, etc.

As a player, you can customize various aspects of your character in terms of looks like you do on other online games like harvest moon; change the type of furniture that appears in your living space and even customizes the entire village as per your liking in the game. You can create bridges, landmarks and add other buildings to attract more tourists.

You will be able to visit the other player’s house, get into some fun activities and also send messages to other people who are there on your friend list. With New Leaf, the developers have introduced many exciting features which were not present in the previous versions of the Animal Crossing series. It is definitely one of the best portable simulation games.


The games that we have listed in this post are similar to online games like harvest moon for android and have sub-elements same as Harvest Moon but they can slightly vary in stories and play-style. You can try all of them to get some good experience.