Torch - A New Browser With Quick Access to Entertainment!

Do you love downloading videos and songs with one click? Here is a browser that let you grab any kind of media with single click. Yes..  Torch is a new Chromium based web browser that refreshes you, It let you download songs and videos directly from the browser with a single click. Torch features a built in media downloader as well as sharing widget that opens the door to access any kind of media and easy sharing. Here is Torch browser review.

torch browser

Features of Torch Browser

Video & Audio Grabber

Normally we download YouTube videos with video downloading websites or by installing third party plugins. But in Torch Browser we can download on page videos and songs directly. This browser comes up with the media grabber button that let you save almost any kind of media it to your computer without using any website or extension. Whether it is a YouTube or Metacafe, you have the freedom to download any video to PC.

Say Bye to Torrent Client

Torch has a built-in torrent manager to download and manage your torrents. You need not download and install  additional torrent client software while you have Torch web browser. Now download torrents easily and manage them within browser.

Download Accelerator

Normally we install additional software to accelerate the download such as IDM or DAP etc. but Torch Browser is powered with a robust download accelerator that speed ups the downloading itself without the need of any download accelerators.

Torch Browser Screenshot
Torch Browser Screenshot

Access Google Chrome Web Store

If you use Google Chrome then won’t feel any change Torch browser, same address bar and home screen.. of course it is Chromium based web browser. You can add Google Chrome’s extensions to Torch browser by searching Chrome web store.

Share the Stuff you like

Liked a website, video or song? Let your friend know about it by sharing it with a single click on Facebook or Twitter. Of course you can share search results with your pals. A cute heart shaped button let you share your interest.

Loved the features of Torch Browser?  Get it here.


  1. my issue is opening a new tab. It puts my cursor in a 'Torch Search the Web' field when it opens instead of the address bar, so if I am typing a web address I have to manually click the address bar which I often forget and end up loading a google search results page. I've gone through all the options and haven't found a way to change this...

    • Don't worry, just install this extension called Incredible start page, it will remove the torch search field and use the default address bar instead:

      You can also check this post for more cool extensions:

  2. what about privacy, background data mining -- what is bad about using Torch? I can see that they do some recording of information and I wonder if anyone has really examined the privacy policy and terms. I am hesitant to install. I really only want something that properly handles magnet torrent links so that I can specify which files within a torrent that I want.

  3. This thing is awesome. I just used it to download a bunch of songs from Groovehark and from SoundCloud. Will be switching to this as my main browser for a few days and see if it sticks. Thanks for pointing it out!

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