Top 5 Free HTML5 Video Players to Embed in Your Website

HTML5 has brought the drastic change in web development, It is incorporated with new elements and attributes. Now it is easy to drag and drop items, draw on canvas, store data in browser to access in other page with HTML5. Formerly developers used to rely on Flash player or some video player plugins such as Windows Media Player to embed video in a webpage but now there are many free and open source HTML5 video players available on the web to embed videos seamlessly. Here we have listed Top 5 HTML5 video players which are free to use.

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List of top 5 HTML5 Video Players

Flowplayer html5 player

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Flowplayer is an open source html5 video players to embed video in your website. It is highly customizable, you can change the skin, script for particular event, add tooltips to buttons, install plugins, add share buttons to your video and track the videos views with Google Analytics. It supports the range of media formats and as it is open source player you can add your own features to it. There is no doubt that Flowplayer is one of the top HTML5 video players but requires some prior knowledge of coding.

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Video.js html5 player


Video.js is a free HTML5 Video Players built with JavaScript and CSS library. It has many useful features including custom skins, cross-browser compatibility, full screen and subtitle support. The notable feature is that Video.js has fallback option that automatically turns your embedded videos to Flash player if the browser doesn’t support HTML5 video. Video.js is easy to use that updates automatically when updates are available.

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MediaElement.js html5 player


MediaElement.js is another HTML5 Video Players powered by HTML and CSS. It has flash fallback option similar to Video.js to play videos in the old browsers that doesn’t support HTML 5 videos. MediaElement.js has easy installation and supports plugins such as backlight etc.. It supports the wide range of browsers and devices including Internet explorer 8, Internet explorer 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. This html5 video players is also available as a plugin for Plugins for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla content management systems.

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MediaFront html5 player

HTML5 Video Players

MediaFront is one of the best open source HTML5 Video Players that could be customized according to your need with no code at all. You need not have any expertise to work with it as MediaFront comes with seamless administrator interface to configuring your media player which embed in your website or blog. It can be skinned with jQuery-UI ThemeRoller. MediaFront also has flash fallback feature and is available for Drupal CMS.

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Kaltura html5 player


Kaltura is a easy to use HTML5 Media player that has cross-browser compatibility. It detects browser whether the browser can play HTML5 videos or not and executes flash fallback feature if required. It supports jquery theme roller for seamless skinning and can be integrated in well known CMS including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla etc. It possible to extend its power with Javascript.

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