Top 15 Best YouTube Thumbnail Maker Tool

Top 15 Best YouTube Thumbnail Maker Tool

Regardless of whether we choose to repurchase an item or put it on the rack frequently relies upon the picture on the bundling, which affects us – regardless of whether “just” on our psyche. It is the initial feeling of the item we get from the item that impacts our choice to purchase or not. A very much made thumbnail picture pulls in interest and gains clicks.

YouTube thumbnail maker tools can assist you with making staggering YouTube thumbnail pictures for your recordings that will expand your YouTube perspectives and endorsers without plan abilities or costly visual communication programming that requires a long time to figure out how to utilize appropriately.

What is the YouTube click-through rate?

In basic terms, active visitor clicking percentage is the number of snaps, partitioned by the number of thumbnail impressions, or how frequently your thumbnail is seen on YouTube. For example, if a thumbnail of your video is seen by 1000 people and 100 people click on it, the click-through rate of that particular video will be 10%.

What is a decent click-through rate?

A decent click-through rate varies from 2%-10%. In any case, it also depends on how enormous your audience is, which implies that the more modest that channel, the more modest the numbers.

For what reason is the active visitor clicking percentage significant? 

The active visitor clicking percentage is a fundamental key to the development of your channel. CTR enlightens you regarding what works for your crowd and what doesn’t. A low CTR implies that you’re attempting to focus on some unacceptable crowd and you need to try different things with your substance.

15 Best YouTube Thumbnail Maker Tool Available Online

Now that you know the importance of the youtube thumbnail maker tool. Try any of these thumbnail maker sites with the clear idea of a beautiful, attention-grabbing thumbnail. You will surely create a mind-blowing thumbnail that will be better than your expectation. Just choose the right thumbnail maker tool, which you think is the right tool to help you create them quickly and easily.

Here are 15 of the best online YouTube thumbnail makers we love right now.

1. Canva


Canva is a free online graphic design platform that is used to create invitations, YouTube thumbnails, cards, and much more using professionally created templates.

Canva is a very good YouTube thumbnail maker tool. You can even upload your pictures and use its tools to create a thumbnail for your video, according to your needs.

Main FeaturesMore than one million graphics. Uses a drag-and-drop facility. Contains free templates. No requirement for prior design knowledge. Can be used for any graphic design work.
Number of YouTube Thumbnail templates510
PriceStarter Plan – Free, Annual Billing – US $ 9.99 per user/month/year, Monthly Billing – US $12.99 per user/month.

Link to the website – 

2. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark a product from Adobe, which is additionally known for its graphic designing software, Photoshop and a YouTube thumbnail maker which offers you to make thumbnails in only a couple of clicks. 

Main FeaturesAllows customizable YouTube thumbnail templates. Allows custom thumbnail background, colors, text, etc. Easy to share and export. Available for both mobile and web.
Number of YouTube Thumbnail templatesIt has around 6 YouTube Thumbnail templates, but they are quite basic. You can design your template.
PriceStarter Plan – Free, Team – US $ 19.99 (annual, paid monthly)

Link to the website –

3. Fotor


Fotor offers incredible thumbnail creation tools that let you start from a pre-made YouTube thumbnail template and permit your creative mind to wrap up. It is brilliant YouTube thumbnail maker which has a moderate, simple-to-utilize interface where a beginner can make brilliant thumbnails without any problem. It has features like  1-tap enhance, resizes, crop, thumbnail background remover, rotate and straighten. Fotor incorporates messages and plans components alongside stickers and emoticons to modernize your thumbnails.

Main FeaturesThumbnail creation tools. Simple and user-friendly. Includes text and design elements like emoticons and stickers. Editable and customizable thumbnails. Advanced beauty features. Basic HDR Tech.
Number of YouTube Thumbnail templates10 categories of YouTube thumbnail templates
PriceFree Trial Fotor Basic – Free, Fotor Pro – $8.99/month

Link to the website –

4. Snappa


Snappa is a cloud-based online YouTube thumbnail maker with unprecedented formats, huge loads of high-resolution pictures, and the wide range of various tools you need to make a YouTube thumbnail that sticks out.

Main FeaturesHigh-resolution images. Versatile and easy-to-use. Unlimited options to customize thumbnails. Create your thumbnails. Offers custom fonts, thumbnail background, shapes, and other elements. Graphic resize. Graphic editor.
Number of YouTube Thumbnail templatesAround 100 free templates
PriceFree Plan, Pro – 1 user – $10 (annual, billing monthly), Team – 5 users – $20 (annual, billing monthly)

Link to the website –

5. Visme


Visme is a simple to utilize YouTube thumbnail maker with heaps of layouts to look over. All elements of every layout can be altered to change the shape, area, and size. Visme’s features and devices make it simpler to apply an existing shading plan or make your own.

Main FeaturesOffline mode. Safety and privacy. User interface. Drag-and-drop platform. Editable templates. Create your scheme. Add your design elements.
Number of YouTube Thumbnail templates1100 pre-designed YouTube Thumbnail templates
PriceFree Trial Individual – Free, Basic: Individual – $19/month, Standard – $39/month, Complete Business – $39/month, Complete Business Team – $117/month

Link to the website –

6. Bannersnack


Bannersnack has the best features of YouTube thumbnail maker tool that help you to make the most unique thumbnails for your videos. Their layouts are worked by experts which takes it to a higher level and you can even tweak the templates in whichever way you want. It is easy to use interface and effective tools help you to create a thumbnail from scratch.

Main FeaturesDrag-and-drop platform. Google fonts and popular font libraries. Attractive thumbnails. Customizable templates. Photo Library
Number of YouTube Thumbnail templatesA good number of YouTube thumbnail templates
PriceFree, Create $17/mo (billed yearly), Automate $35/mo (billed yearly)

Link to the website –

7. Fotojet


Fotojet is another online YouTube thumbnail maker tool. It also provides photo-editing, graphic designing, and collage making. Fotojet has more than 500 pre-made templates, and allows you to resize, crop, or rotate the elements, helping you to find the perfect thumbnail for your video. 

Main Features500+ templates. Clip art images. Photo editing. Graphic design. Collage making. Offer filters for thumbnails. Crop, resize and rotate images
Number of YouTube Thumbnail templates25
PriceThe free trial for free version. Other plans starting from $2.91/month

Link to the website –

8. PicMonkey


PicMonkey has more than 200 expertly planned YouTube thumbnail formats you can tweak to coordinate with your image in minutes. You can likewise begin with a fresh start and add your photographs and messages, designs to make your own. They significantly offer inside and out instructional exercises for making splendid YouTube thumbnails, so regardless of whether you’ve never done it before, they have you covered.

Main FeaturesEasy to use editing and design tools.Graphic designing. Easy to use templates. Edit individual layers. Thumbnail Background remove+outline. Eye-catching thumbnails
Number of YouTube Thumbnail templates100
  PriceBasic – $72/annual, Pro – $120/annual

Link to the website –

9. PixTeller


PixTeller is a free online YouTube thumbnail maker programming that assists you with making marked thumbnails that look incredible regardless of whether you come up short on the plan’s abilities. You can use it for your personal as well as business use. Do not stress if you don’t have prior design knowledge. It offers a bunch of pre-made video thumbnail layouts so you have an incredible beginning with your YouTube content. 

Main FeaturesAnimated GIFs. Animated Logos. No requirement for prior design knowledge. Pre-made thumbnail templates. Includes filters and fonts.
Number of YouTube Thumbnail templates105
PricePro – $7/month, Diamond – $12/month

            Link to the website –

10. Backgrounder


Backgrounder is a web-based custom graphic creator. This product from Panzoid is an exceptionally fundamental free device that offers pre-made formats to guarantee you utilize the correct thumbnail size. When you’re prepared to make your thumbnails, Backgrounder offers devices to redo your pictures and even add new layers to them.

Main FeaturesOffers customizable images. Pre-made templates. Add new layers. Offers custom text.
Number of YouTube Thumbnail templatesInformation unavailable
PriceStarter – $1.99/month (billed yearly),Creator – $7.99/month (billed yearly),Pro – $11.99/month (billed yearly)

Link to the website –

11. Picmaker


Picmaker can be used to create almost anything as per your need. There is even a background burner device that you can use to eliminate and change your thumbnails background and picture’s experience.

Main Features10,000 graphic elements.700+ templates. Thousands of stock images. Thumbnail Background burner tool. Free. Simple sign-up.
Number of YouTube Thumbnail templates700
PriceIndividual User – Free, Starter – $7.99/mo, Pro – $19.95/mo

Link to the website –

12. Crello


Crello is a finished visual editor tool that accompanies several templates for you to customize as per your need. They have many graphics, texts, fonts, and other templates for you to customize your thumbnail templates. 

Main Features25,000 preloaded templates. Easy to use. Image resize. Stock photos. High definition. Available for iOS and Android.
Number of YouTube Thumbnail templates20,000
PriceStarter – Free, Pro – $7.99/mo

Link to the website –

13. PlaceIt


Placeit offers a graphic design tool that offers YouTube thumbnail templates that you can tweak to coordinate with your image. You needn’t bother with any experience to make a stunning YouTube video thumbnail.

Main FeaturesOBS stream overlays. Image Cropper. Ready-to-use templates. Mockup generator.
Number of YouTube Thumbnail templates7,000
Price$19.95/month, $99.95/year

Link to the website –  

14. Pixelixe


Pixelixe is an online Youtube thumbnail creator that allows you to begin without any preparation or utilize one of their pre-made YouTube thumbnail templates. You can even release your innovativeness to make thumbnails without any preparation by utilizing Pixelixe’s simple and easy-to-use tool. 

Main FeaturesPremade templates. Drag-and-drop platform. Add images, text, and more. Customize thumbnails. Free version available.
Number of YouTube Thumbnail templates5
PriceFreelance – $19/month, Startup – $49/month, Business – $99/month, Enterprise – $249/month.

Link to the website –

15. BeFunky


BeFunky is an across-the-board online plan stage you can use to make strong thumbnails. It has an extraordinary determination of YouTube thumbnail layouts that you can alter as per your image.

Main FeaturesCollage wizard. Easy-to-use tools. Resize and crop an image. Thumbnail Background remover. Photo to art. Photo to cartoon. Touch up tools. Customizable graphics.
Number of YouTube Thumbnail templatesA good number of templates exist.
Price$4.99 billed annually at $ 59.88$ 8.99 billed monthly

Link to the website –

To encapsulate what’s being said, creating great eye-catching thumbnails for YouTube is the need of the hour.

Visually appealing thumbnails bring in a lot of traffic, which could get your content a significant number of hits and subscribers, and would unquestionably put you ahead of your competition.

An engrossing thumbnail could potentially direct viewers to your channel and as such could encourage them to explore more content.

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