AI to Play a Role in Nutraceutical Industry; India to be a Leading Player

Nutrify Today survey finds nutrition to become personalized in future, India to lead industry innovation

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According to a worldwide industry poll performed by Nutrify Today, the world’s first and only nutraceutical i2c (ideas to commercialization) platform, there is rising confidence in the food and nutrition business throughout the world. The study included nutraceutical industry leaders from the United States, Israel, Switzerland, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, and Japan.

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Over the next three years, technical improvements in the Nutra sector will enable a more tailored approach to nutrition, with precise sensors made possible by cooperation with experience in the MedTech business, according to the company. 26 percent of those polled.

On the other side, 12% of respondents feel that profiling individuals and delivering precise doses and substances based on their needs is also a possibility. The meals may be made utilizing lab-grown ingredients and a combination of robots and 3D printers based on the biochemistry and needs of the body at the moment.

According to 15% of industry professionals, artificial intelligence will play a major role in the Nutra business since the food matrix will be built based on individual needs utilizing data and algorithms.

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Amit Srivastava, Chief Catalyst and Founder of Nutrify Today feels that the future of nutraceuticals will be different from it is now. Nutrify Today has been enabling responsible nutrition entrepreneurs in order to shape the evolution of the Nutraceutical sector.

“Automated personalized nutrition where artificial intelligence will manage the nutrient needs and the source of ingredients will evolve into sustainable methodologies using biotech,” he says. 

“There are already early-stage entrants who are working on Nutra-tech. Nutraceutical of the future will be a multi-disciplinary function of science which will drive personalized precision nutrition into habits of individuals rather than individuals changing habits to adopt something new,” adds Srivastava.

The poll also showed optimism about India’s future position in the Nutra-tech and Nutraceutical industries. Around 24% of those polled believe India would be a prominent innovator, second only to the United States.

With the introduction of Phyto ingredient fingerprinting from 52 agro-climatic zones, the capabilities of the Indian IT sector, together with convergence hubs of MedTech like Biovalley Incubation Council and AMTZ in India, will promote convergence innovation in Nutra-tech.

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The bulk of industry professionals think that the existing early versions of technutra products on the market have performed effectively in the United States. Precision nutrition with technutra will become increasingly important in the future. With the increasing acceptance of fingerprinting of Phyto components and the deployment of blockchain technology, the agriculture industry will be transformed.

Industry executives, on the other hand, noted specific obstacles such as a shortage of trained labour and a worldwide legal framework, data privacy, expensive costs, and so on. In a complicated environment full of opportunities and difficulties, it is frequently the next generation of start-ups that drive innovation, as seen by all rising success stories throughout the world. The tech Nutra will be an innovation-driven start-up, and eventually, huge nutrition conglomerates will enter this area through M&A.

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AI to Play a Role in Nutraceutical Industry; India to be a Leading Player 1
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