Got Sitelinks on Google Search Results

We’ve been blogging since few months now, and we’re glad that we’ve so far we have achieved many milestones in blogging and internet marketing. Today, we’re happy to announce that has got Sitelinks in Google search page, if you are wondering what is Google sitelinks then know that Google sitelinks are links which are automatically picked by Google algorithm from a blog to help users navigate through a site. Why this is a special moment for us is because not all sites get sitelinks in Google search page. Sites often getting more traffic from search engines than other traffic sources get sitelinks and most of the traffic we get here in is from search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Below is the screenshot of out sitelinks in Google search for the keyword “TechGyo” gets google sitelinks
Sitelinks for TechGyo on Google search.

The above screenshot shows the sitelinks for techgyo, the links are automatically selected by Google search algorithm according to SEO score of particular pages and also depending upon the pages driving higher traffic from search engines. The unwanted sitelinkss can be blocked from appearing in search by logging into Google web master tools.  We’ll be writing another post on configuring site-links using Google web master tools. At most a page can get up to 8 site-links and below.

If you are wondering what is site-links:

Sitelinks are algorithmically generated links intended to help users navigate quickly to the relevant parts of your site. Not all sites have sitelinks, and they are not always available. We only show sitelinks for results when we think they’ll be useful to the user. If the structure of your site doesn’t allow our algorithms to find good sitelinks, or if sitelinks for your site aren’t relevant to the user’s query, they won’t be displayed.

Sitelinks benefit a site in building trust among readers and helps in branding. And SEO score of a web page is also a reason for site-links. So far we have covered few topics on SEO and in future we will be posting on more topics on Search Engine Optimization and traffic, which will help you to rank high in search engines and will also help you to get sitelinks for your blog or website.

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