Adsense Pin Verification Mail Not Received? Verify by Uploading Digital Image of your Govt issued ID

You all know that adsense is the best publisher tool for bloggers to earn money. And to get your adsense payout delivered by check, adsense uses traditional way of sending post mail to verify the address of an adsense publisher. But adsense publishers from Indian and some other regions regularly post complains in adsense support page about not receiving the post mail delivered to their address. Normally Google sends this mail from Mountain View, CA USA. And this can sometimes take few weeks to reach to your address. However, if you didn't get the post mail delivered in 30 days then you can request for new pin delivered to you. But what if you didn't received it even after 4 months?

If you don't verify your adsense account address within 4 months, Google will start showing Public Services Ads (PSAs) instead of showing paid advertisements for your code. Eventually if you don't verify even after 6 months, then Adsense will deactivate your account and return the money you earned in your account to the advertisers.

If you don't verify your pin, within first 4 months, then you will see the message following message in your account.

“ Your pages are displaying Public Service Advertisements (PSAs) because you haven’t yet verified your PIN and/or phone number. See the Payment History page for more details ”

Now what?

If you have already rechecked your address you've entered in your account, then next you can rush to your nearest post office to check for the mail. In my case, the address I provided didn't have my street name. But I got the mail somehow.

What if even if you didn't get it from the post office?

If you've already explored the support pages, and have directly contact adsense support. Then login to your adsense account and you may find any message like the following. If you didn't find any messages, then use this form to send a mail to adsense support with a scanned copy of wither your Passport, PAN card, or a Bank statement. If you don't have a scanner, then you can even attempt to take a picture from your mobile phone if it can take a great picture.  They should verify your account within a few weeks and lift the hold on your account.

If you don't receive your PIN within 4 weeks of this date, please complete this form and attach a digital image of a government issued ID card, bank statement, or telephone bill displaying your payee name and mailing address as it appears in your account. Please note that we're only able to accept information printed in one of our supported languages.

If your id is verified and approved by adsense team, you will shortly receive a mail from adsense team saying:

“Thanks for your email. After verifying your ID proof, I am happy to let you know that I have manually overridden your PIN requirement and you won’t be required to enter another PIN for this account in the future.”

But make sure that you get adsense checks delivered correctly to your address. For those who are wondering how the adsense verification mail looks like, here the snaps of my adsense verification mail.

sreejesh adsense verification post mail
Front side of the mail.
sreejesh adsense verification to bangalore
Back side


  1. hi guyzz..i am from pakistan and now am in dubai..can i use my uae id card for adsense address verification...plzz replyyy

  2. can i submit postal id proof of earlier recieved letter like cover of envelope that has been recieved as a proof?

  3. Just mailed them my License scanned copy. Hope my Account get reactivated ASAP. Thanks for this tutorial :)

  4. I click the link (this form) but it fws to this link : Do you know how to verify my id. Thanks

  5. Sareejesh bro, you tell me that howsthe complete method of addsense verified through id, bill, passport and bank account

  6. I am from qatar. Can i send my qatar id ( no mailing address)& my staff card with my mailing address together for adsense verification.

  7. Hlw bro,
    I want to associate my Adsense account with my different gmail youtube account.
    My Adsense account is already associated with youtube account?
    How to do it?

  8. I want to verify my adsense account using my id copy..
    I m from nepal n working in qatar under the work permit.
    I do have Qatari id but there is no address in it.
    Can i use that document to verify my address or there are other alternative way like bank statement.

    Plz help me...

    • They need to verify if address is valid, You need to upload something which has your address on it.

      If you have Nepali ID card with the address on it. You can submit it and later change the delivery address to your current address once the account is verified.

        • Hi Rohan, First of all I'd request you to remove the image attachment of your ID as it is not safe to reveal the ID number online. It may lead to misuse. Hope you understand.

          Yes you can submit any Govt issued ID with the address on it to get the account activated. Once the account is activated, you can go to adsense settings and change the address to your present address where you want the cheque to be delivered.

          • I want to go with western union,,,there is not any problem if i use my nepali id having nepali address.

          • But google can track my address that is in qatar . my address in adsense. N the document you are saying to upload have nepali address?
            Dont u think it will create a problem!
            Also i made my both account in qatar not in nepal?

          • If you have any id proof with address on it, submit the id proof which matches with the address in your account.

          • However please note that even though you can change the address you cannot change the country if you belong to any of the below country; Bangladesh, Bahrain, Brazil, China, Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Libya, Morocco, Malaysia, Nepal, Oman, Philippines, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Tunisia, Viet Nam, UAE, or Yemen.

            For example you can change country QATAR To NEPAL but not from NEPAL to QATAR


      • But you told me that u can change address from qatar to nepal but then u cannot change back to qatar. If i cannot change my address back to qatar, then how i am gonna receive my money in qatar

  9. Hello Suresh ! I'm so tensed no a days because of the adsense verification...May I use my Indian voter card for verification... Voter card has in English as well as Hindi language.. that's why I'm fearing to attach Voter card.....
    Tell me what to do...!!

  10. Wowww..! It was so quick. Sreejesh ignore my first comment, as i have already gave a try attaching the same mail i recieved from google adword as address proof and wolaa! it got approved within 5 mints. That was really quick. Thank God.

    Thank you man. Your post really gave me an idea that it is only address verification they required and also that i don't really need to scan my documents. As per your advice i just take a capture of the mail with my mobile and uploaded with form.

    One more thing people, you don't really need to wait to complete all 4 weeks after your last PIn request. Once the last PIN is generated go ahead and send the form with required attachment. I'am sure they will remove the Hold.

    All the best.

  11. Hey Sreejesh
    Thanks for this post as it really providing me some satisfaction that there as people like me who haven't received their adsense PIN even after 3 requests.
    My question is its been more than 3 months since i requested my first PIN. Then i requested another two with 1 moth break each.Though i have started to receive other mails from google adword etc inviting me for various offers,but no PIN mail yet.That confirms that my address provided is correct.Then why am i not receiving my PIN mail particularly? :( Anyhow i have not finished 4 week period since my last PIN been generated,but i'm afraid that it would be more than 4 months if i wait to complete the 4 weeks time period. Hence can i like right now fill up the form and request google to remove the hold on my account? And also can i upload the mail i received from google itself as my address proof?

    Sorry for the lengthy question. It would be really appreciating if you reply me as soon as you can.

    Thank you in advance. :)

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    Can you please share this theme with me . I shall be thankful.Also if you charge for this , can you tell me the price .


    • Hello Preet,

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  13. I Have Uploaded my Scanned Image of PANCARD But After 2 weeks.But I have not received any confirmation from account is still on hold.So What Should i do Pls Help me

    • Hi Anuj,

      They need to verify the adress proof, PAN card is not the address proof, its the ID proof. You need to upload something which has your address on it.

    • Yup can can change your proper address before providing the documents. Make sure your address matches the documents you upload.

  14. hi sreejesh i really don't know why the pin hasn't turned up, i wanted to know what if the cheques also dont turn up ?? do revert asap buddy ..

    • Hi Rohan, check with your nearest post office for the Adsense pin verification mail.
      Unlike the pin verification mail, Adsense cheque are sent out via Bluedart courier. And they will call you in case they can't locate your address. And you can get reissue the cheque in case it was not received.

      • thanks sreejesh :) will check the post office if they don't have it , perhaps will attach the digital image to the form, ill keep you posted buddy thanks !! :)

  15. Im having the same issue aswell, i didnt expect to see so many people with this problem.

  16. Hello, I'm, having the same problem, I would just like to ask regarding the document that I will upload, will it suffice if I uploaded My Student's I.D? with my address attach to it?

    • Some said Students ID didn't work, but you can always give it a try. If it doesn't work, try getting some document or ID which has your address on it. Like say the first page of your bank statement.

      • Hi Sreejesh i have uploaded my pancard scanned image but after 2 weeks there is no reply from adsense and they also does not remove hold from account

        • Pan card is not enough, you need to upload something which validates your address. They just want to make sure it reaches the correct address

  17. Hi Sreejesh,
    I cannot thank you enough for your information.

    As someone mentioned earlier it is not easy to find out that this "submit form" process on the internet.

    Thank you for taking the time to share this information with us.

    Wishing you all success.

  18. Hi Sreejesh,

    Correct me if I am wrong, but you mentioned here that if the Adsense account not verified within four months, the account might be suspended. Now the question is, does this count the time your account approved? OR the time Google "Holds" your account and when you reach the threshold? Thanks!


    • Hi Young,

      According to Adsense help pageIf you haven't verified your account PIN within first 4 months since your account reached a balance of $10, ads will no longer show up on your website and your account will be on hold.

      It doesn't count the time since your account was approved. Its valid from the time your account balance reaches $10.

  19. Sir again related question i asked above actually after many atempts i can change my address but when they verify tax if will they compare with the address where i requested my pin or my changed PIN .Please help sir very iritating condition right!!!!!!

  20. hi

    I have the statement from the bank..they send me through email monthly statement. and it has the address on it correctly. Can I send this or do I need to manually take the statement from bank..and scan it and then upload in google? please reply asap. thank you.

    • I'm not sure if it works, you can try sending them your bank statement first. Hopefully they might accept.

  21. can you please tell me which wordpress plugin you are using to highlight tilte?

    i mean you written "Now what?" plz help me

  22. Hi,
    I am from bangladesh.I have requested 3 times for address verification pin.But I wouldn't get the mail from post office.I had contacted to local post man he told me that he didnt found ant mail on my name.
    I do not have government id card.But I can sent google bank statement.If I sent google two of my Bank Account Statement Will they Verify my account?
    Please Help.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Hamid, I'm not sure, but if you had your address on the bank statement. I think they might verify your account.

  23. Finally my account got verified with Scan copy of my voter ID. I dont think they have automated system to verify scan document because I got reply from a real person :-)

    • hi, Sachin and congrats for verify your account , but i have worried about that, kindly tell me how to verifiy account through Natonal id card,

  24. Ok, finally my account got verified only today after another try using the form above.
    I uploaded my bank document in which was mentuned even my address, and the account got verified by their automatic system in just 1 minute :)

    I guess their system may scan the document you upload to find any portion of your address, so make sure that your address is contained in the document you upload.

  25. Waiting for my Adsense verification letter, its been 5 weeks and I have already requested for the second one.. Hope it arrives soon before everything is late..

    • It's now more than 1 month for me and I didnt receive any response from Adsense. I have already requested all the 3 pins, and now I have used every possible form to contact them but still NO RESPONSE.
      It seems like adsense team is DEAD or they are too focused in G+. Google scam!!!

      • It is true that Google doesn't care much about Adsense publishers, they don't have a dedicated support for Adsense like they have for Adwords. All you can do is wait or try the manual verification process following the above procedure.
        I hope it helps.


  26. thanks for precious info. i wonder what happen if i submit that form early like within 1 month after getting adsense account which pin still not received?

  27. this is happening with me......finally I used hospital address a week ago(where I work as a doctor) and this hospital is a well known hospital and I ma hoping to get my PIN. Thanks for info......If I didn't get it in next three week I will return back here for few more tips.

  28. Hi Sreejesh,
    thank you so much for this article. This is the only place on the whole web that I found the link to the submit form. I just submited my digital id there and hope to get a reply from adsense team soon.
    Immediately bookmarked this post and i surely will come to visit here more often. And of course... will click some ads for your pocket as a thank you ;)

    • I'm glad that you liked it. And yeah you'll get your account verified soon.

      Good luck, Happy blogging :D

    • Yes sure,

      You can signup for an account, once your account is approved, you can start submitting your posts for review.

      You will receive a mail confirmation when your post is published.

      The topics are listed in this page

      Feel free to contact us if you have any further queries.


  29. I am also having this problem...I waited 4 moths but still no thanks for this article...I am going to verify by filing the form....

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