These Space Technologies are Now Used in Medical Industry

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NASA is one such organization that has pioneered in establishing its supremacy in both space technology as well as space inventions. Behind space exploration, there are thousands of trials done by scientists and engineers finally leading to the innovation of high-tech products to be used by astronauts. There are many products made by NASA space technology department, and it’s used in our daily life. Al these are actually NASA inventions invented by NASA experts for aerospace research, but now they are in the public domain.

In this article, you will acquire the knowledge of the space technology and some amazing nasa inventions used in the total health care system:

Healthier baby formula (Nutritional Supplements):

NASA- Space Technology- baby formula nasa


This baby formula come into the scene when NASA was developing life supports for Mission Mars. This space technology was discovered in the 1980s by NASA Ames Research Center along with Medical Technologies International and Martek biosciences Corporation.


The aerospace field has played quite an important role in exploring and making the use of microalgae as a food supplement, for evolving oxygen gas out of it as well as a catalyst too. They found the algae named Crpthecodinium cohnii which produced high levels of DHA omega fatty acid and the fungus named Motierella alpine that produced ARA fatty acid. These ARA and DHA play a key role in infant development.


By NASA: In NASA for food supply, for evolving oxygen gas, waste disposal catalyst

By Civilians: It is used as nutritional supplements for infants as well as women during lactation and pregnancy.

Invisible Braces :

Invisible Braces NASA


Invisible braces are also part of space technology. This is one of the nasa inventions which are used world wide by people. Invisible braces are discovered by NASA in association with the dental company named Ceradyne.


The invisible braces are made up of Transparent Polycrystalline Alumina(TPA). The material was found when NASA was searching for durable and lightweight components favorable for tracking down the missile. It was founded stronger ceramic than the steel yet translucent too.


By NASA: This space technology was used for tracking missile

By Civilians: It is used as an orthodontic product.

 Anti Gravity Treadmill:

Anti-Gravity Treadmill NASA


It was invented by the researchers and engineers of NASA Ames Research Centre in the 1990s. Further, in 2005 this space technology was licensed by the company named Alter-G Inc.


The long exposure to the zero-gravity environment and the feeling of weightlessness can result in muscle atrophy, so it is compulsory for the astronaut to train their bones and muscles to overcome this issue. The astronaut’s body is enclosed in the airtight chamber where the air pressure is lowered which pushes the astronaut down simulating the gravity. NASA inventions are unique and treadmill is one example. Treadmill is nowadays used by normal people, professional athletes world wide.


By NASA: This space technology is used by the astronauts to avoid the loss of bones and muscles of their body

By Civilians: It is used by the patient to walk again after recovering from their injuries, professional athletes, patients with arthritis, and obesity.

LED Light:

LED light NASA


The LED(Light Emitting Diode) was invented by NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in association with Wisconsin Center for Space Automation & Robotics.


This was invented by NASA for understanding the growth of the plants in outer space, so they used LED light system as the photon source for photosynthesis. Previously it was assumed that LEDs are not capable of being helpful in plant group so the Wisconsin Center teamed up with NASA and produced a system which did the successful photosynthesis.


By NASA: It was used for growing the plant in a low gravity environment.

By Civilians: This space technology is used for medical purposes, especially for treating cancers and brain tumors.

Insulin pump:

inaulin pump


The monitoring system was invented by medical experts by the famous Goddard Space Flight Center.


These insulin pumps are formed based on technology that was invented on the Mars Viking spacecraft. This implant was introduced for the astronauts but now it is used for the diabetic patient by releasing insulin. The computerized pumps help in the infusion of insulin into the patient at a pre-programmed rate. These help the patient in controlling their blood sugar level and with this, there is no daily requirement of injections.


By NASA: It was used by NASA for monitoring the health and vital signs.

By Civilians: It is used now by diabetic patients for pre-programmed release of insulin in their body.

Artificial Limbs:

Artificial Limb NASA


The Artificial limbs were invented by NASA’s Marshwerepace Flight Center(MSFC) in Alabama.


Artificial limbs come under NASA inventions too.The artificial limbs made up of corn start materials were quite heavier to be used in space and so there was a need for a new ideology. The shuttle’s external tanks were covered in foam insulation to make it abrasion-resistant. Later on, the ET foam was used in making the molds for fitting artificial limbs which were affordable for the patients.


By NASA: The material named ET foam was used in the shuttle’s external tank as insulation.

By Civilians: It is used in making molds for fitting artificial limbs

Speedo LZR swimsuit:

Speedo LZR swimsuit NASA


This swimsuit was formed in 2004 by NASA in collaboration with Speedos aqua lab Research Center.


Swimsuit is one of the NASA inventions. This swimsuit was made with ultrasonically welded seams. The ideology behind fusing the seams ultrasonically instead of overlapping and stitching fabric is that it will reduce the drag of the swimmer by 6 percent. After the formation of the Speedo LZR swimsuit, the swimmers were able to crack 13 world records within a month.


By NASA: It was made by NASA in partnership with Speedo lab, so there is no use by the astronaut

By Civilians: It is used by the athlete for competition.

Emergency Blanket:

Emergency Blankets NASA


The famous emergency blanket was discovered by NASA in 1964.


The emergency blanket is also known as a space blanket. This was made by using the Radiant barrier technology to protect the astronauts and the electrical equipment from harmful radiation and high-temperature fluctuations. It helps to retain the body heat even in very cold conditions. It is light in weight, so it can be easily carried and a highly reflective insulator.


By NASA: It is used by the astronauts to keep their body warm in the outer space

By Civilians: It is available in emergency kits and also in the marathon or for long-distance runners to retain their body temperature.

Air Scrubber Plus:

Air Scrubber Plus NASA


The Technology named Active Pure Radiant Catalytic Ionization(RCI) was discovered in the 1990s by scientists from the NASA research Partnership center in Wisconsin which is a center for Space Automation and robotics(WSCAR) 


This technology was discovered for the accomplishment of farming their fruits and vegetables. In addition to this, they also have advanced in the discovery of artificial lighting, growth chamber, and plant monitoring devices.  This is also known as ethylene scrubber. It works by sucking up the air in the tube coated with titanium oxide. After that when the UV light rays fall on the coat, it converts the gas into water and carbon dioxide.


By NASA: It is used by NASA for preserving the crops and also for farming their vegetables outside the planet Earth

By Civilians:  It is used in refrigerators, also in restaurants, and hospitals as well as extend the life of the HVAC system of the house.

Sneaker Cushioning gel:

Sneaker Cushioning gel nasa


The Aerogel was put in practical use by NASA in 1992 and also it was well known that the solid form is too fragile to be handled. Finally, James Fesmire of the Cryogenic Test Laboratory introduced the world to the concept of aerogel as a flexible material.


Due to the unique and specific features of the aerogels like their low thermal conductivity, high surface area, low density, translucence they can be used in material technology. The dust particles in the space can vaporize on contact with solids and can transform into gas but they can be trapped with the use of aerogels


By NASA: It is used by NASA for making boots worn on Moon cushioned because of the uneven lunar surface.

By Civilians: It is used in athletic shoes for shock absorption, no energy loss, and reduced foot fatigue

How does space help with health care?

The space researches conducted on the astronauts has helped the healthcare system to a great extent. This as help the researchers to understand the several others conditions of Earth which has led to the invention for the people having balance disorder, cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis etc.

In what ways has space technology been used by humans?

Well there is a vast list of space technologies that is used by human in day to day life. Some examples are:
1. Sneaker Cushioning Gel
2. Insulin pump
3. GPS
4. LED Light
5. Invisible Braces

The above listed were some interesting NASA inventions till date. I hope you find all this information important and interesting. If you want to share more interesting facts related to this topic feel free to share with us by commenting down below.

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