These Innovative Healthcare Startups Are Crafting A Digitally-Fit India!

The healthcare startups are certainly the fastest developing sector in India and are constantly innovating!

Health is Wealth! Obviously, that is the motto of everyone’s life. The Healthcare units particularly are closely associated with this old wise saying.

healthcare startups

Whether it be in terms of revenue, market share, or even quality of healthcare services, the healthcare sector is visualizing a dominant turnover in India. Indian companies, specifically, Indian healthcare Startups are redefining the delivery of quality healthcare to the people and are extending a promise to ease some of the bottlenecks in this hugely populated landscape. Despite the growth spurt in this domain, emerging startups keep proving, every other day, that there still remains immense space for growth and innovation. 

The healthcare sector, like most other developing arena’s, is observed to be leveraging the augmented advantages of AI and cloud computing. The amalgamation of automation and the emerging young startup is establishing new landmarks in the field. 

During these times of trial, COVID has come like a wake-up call! When people are relying so much on the home-delivered commodities, pertaining to a stay at home option, health-related regular checkups and associated medicines at doorstep, come as a boon of the development. 

If we study the statistics of the growing healthcare sector, the Indian healthcare startups industry pegged at $100 billion and is expected to grow further by 23% by 2020 to $280 billion. Now, that appears a tremendous hike, isn’t it?

The so-called game-changing healthcare startups cater to various healthcare segments, as follows:

  1. E-commerce & Pharmacy Delivery
  2. Doctors Discovery Platform, Doctor Networking, and engagement
  3. Consultation & Appointment, and other Practice management
  4. Patient Education, Awareness, and Network
  5. Health Record, Data & Claims Management
  6. Personalized Health & Lifestyle services
  7. Home – healthcare
  8. Specialty-care for different age groups
  9. Devices & Tech
  10. Genomics and outsourcing

Now that we know, the wide province of performance of the healthcare sector, let’s quickly devise the list of Indian Startups that are making the whole difference, and let’s track the prominent healthcare startups that stand a distinctive chance in the after COVID journey! 

1. Netmeds

healthcare startups
  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Founders: Pradeep Dadha
  • Headquartered: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Category: Consult Doctors and Book Lab Tests Online

Netmeds, considered India’s most convenient pharmacy, is also one of the biggest of India’s healthcare startups. Encompassing over 1 million Indian customers, this online platform is known to deliver medical essentials to over 19,000 pin codes. Netmeds is a 24*7 online portal offering streamlined shopping for healthcare products, now also supported with a mobile app. Netmeds had marked more than 3 million downloads, in 2018 and is called ‘India ki Pharmacy’, for definite reasons, 

Reported to have grown to more than $512 million, it is further estimated to touch $3.645 billion by the year 2022.

2. Practo

healthcare startups
  • Year Founded: 2008
  • Founders: Shashank ND and Abhinav Lal
  • Headquartered: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Category: Doctors, consult online, order medicines

Practo is one of the world’s leading healthcare platforms. Practo’s patient-focused independent medical website helps the patients to find the right doctors for their problems. Consumers are helped in booking doctor appointments as well as online video consultations with the top doctors near. Practo further assists the patients in getting all the relevant tests done, as prescribed, and also aids guidance to make proper healthcare decisions. Online ordering of medicines and their safe delivery is also exercised in Practo. 

Practo, alongside extends its support, to a family of over 1Lakh doctors to digitize their practice. It is a free service for patients and doctors. Practo now has a presence in 5 countries, including India, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, & Brazil.

3. PharmEasy

healthcare startups
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Founders: Dharmil Sheth, Dhaval Shah, Mikhil Innani
  • Headquartered: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Category: Place online medicine orders, get information on medicines, book diagnostic tests, buy healthcare & OTC products

Pharmeasy is one of the most successful healthcare startups in India. This Mumbai-based pharma platform is currently operating in seven cities—Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad—and has over 150 partner vendors. Pharmeasy, as the name suggests, lets the users place their orders in just 3 easy steps and also aids a convenient reorder of the same prescription. It now serves more than 100,000 families and connects pharmacies spread across the cities, towns, and villages, all over India. 

4. ImpactGuru

healthcare startups
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Founders: Piyush Jain, Khushboo Jain
  • Headquartered: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Category: access & manage fundraiser on the go, get live updates on donations

A creative tech-for-good, personal health agency, ImpactGuru envisions to reach many and save more lives. It is a donation-based crowdfunding platform that offers global crowdfunding solutions to empower NGOs, social enterprises, startups, and individuals to raise funds for medical emergencies. Impact Guru was launched as a free crowdfunding platform.

5. DailyRounds

healthcare startups


  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Founders: Deepu Sebin, Nimmi Cherian, Priyaank Choubey
  • Headquartered: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Category: Drug Guide, ECG lesson, a largest academic network of Doctors & HCPs

DailyRounds is based out of Bangalore and has the largest Academic Doctors network with 250,000+ Doctors. DailyRounds is a mobile app exclusively for Doctors. Medical Schools, Physician & Surgeon societies, it is for the right reasons, called as a social network/medical journal for doctors. It is a platform, where doctors share cases and get full access to drugs & ECG databases, calculators, and guidelines. DailyRounds was founded by a three-member team of Doctor, Engineer & Developer.

6. AddressHealth

healthcare startups
  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Founders: Anand Lakshman
  • Headquartered: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Category: First one-stop-shop paediatric

AddressHealth is a Paediatric/ Child Health service that aims to make pediatric primary care constantly possible. AddressHealth is striving to ensure that every child attains a state of positive health. AddressHealth has integrated child health clinics that reach out to schools, pre-schools, and residential groups. It runs Child Health Clinics in Bangalore and is India’s first one-stop-shop for pediatric primary healthcare services. It has partnered with the government in the MR vaccine programs.

7. CureFit

healthcare startups
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Founders: Ankit Nagori, Mukesh Bansal
  • Headquartered: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Category:,,,

CureFit is primarily a health and fitness company that offers digital and offline experiences across fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being. It is a health and fitness powerhouse that takes a holistic approach to complete individual well-being and one of the game-changers in healthcare startups.

CureFit aims to make fitness fun and easy, thereby giving workouts a whole new appearance using an array of group workout classes that are specially formulated by expert trainers. Fun workouts are balanced with everyday healthy & tasty diet plans. Mental fitness paralleled with yoga and meditation, along with appropriate medical and lifestyle care, are the so-called healthy living mantra at CureFit. 


  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Founders: Prashant Warier & Pooja Rao
  • Headquartered: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Category: Chest X-Rays, Head CT Scans, AI-powered pandemic response solutions for COVID-19 management

Founded by Prashant Warier, is driven by deep learning solutions that aid physicians with routine diagnosis and treatment. Artificial Intelligence induced medical practices in, allow specialized doctors to spend more time with patients. proves to be an accessible and affordable means of healthcare service to all. It is headquartered in Mumbai and was founded in the year 2016. It is one of the best known Indian healthcare startups.

healthcare startups

9. MFine

  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Founders: Ashutosh Lawania (Myntra co-founder) and Prasad Kompalli, a former business head at Myntra
  • Headquartered: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Category: Consult online with doctors & book lab tests, at-home health checkups

A health-tech startup, MFine aims to make access to trusted healthcare simple, fast, and proactive. MFine connects you to specialist doctors online across 30+ specialties via chat, audio, or video call instantly using AI. 

healthcare startups

Cutting edge technology is MFine’s means to keep track of health parameters thereby maintaining all health data safe and easily accessible. Digital wearable devices, mobile app, and at-home services make MFine deliver the finest treatment and service. 

10. Strand Life Sciences

healthcare startups
  • Year Founded: 2000
  • Founders: Dr. Ramesh Hariharan, V.Vinay, Swamy Manohar, & Vijay Chandru
  • Headquartered: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Category: Clinical diagnostics, bioinformatics, and book for online tests.

This bioinformatics solution provider is leading a new generation of healthcare. Giving a new angle to diagnosis, the services in Strand Life Sciences is defined by genetic insights into diseases. It is driving services with advanced visualization, predictive systems modeling, data integration, and scientific context management components by inducing raw data and transforming the same into actionable insights. 

11. PurpleDocs

healthcare startups
  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Founders: Deepak Gupta & Pooja Gupta
  • Headquartered: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Category: Consult Surgeons Online, book appointments, order medical essentials, schedule health checkups, read free health-related blogs.

This SaaS-based health care unit offers an array of products, apps, and services to manage clinical data. PupleDocs is making healthcare data secure, analyzable, and accessible to all healthcare stakeholders. Comprehensive patient history consisting of case sheets, videos, X-rays, CT scans, DICOM CD data is digitized by PurpleDocs, thereby creating an analyzable data repository on the cloud, creating a revolution in healthcare startups.

12. Pristyn Care

healthcare startups
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Founders: Harsimarbir (Harsh) Singh
  • Headquartered: Delhi, India
  • Category: Consult Surgeons Online, book appointments, order medical essentials

Pristyn Care is the leading healthcare Startup, that is disrupting Day Care Procedures. Ex Consultant Surgeons from Medanta, Max, Birla, and ex UrbanClap, Mobikwik Strategy & Business Head have conjointly designed this health care unit, bolstered with advanced tech developments, showcasing the immense scope of growth in healthcare sectors.

13. NIRAMAI Health Analytix

healthcare startups
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Founders: Geetha Manjunath & Nidhi Mathur
  • Headquartered: Delhi, India
  • Category: breast cancer screening solution

Niramai is a healthcare unit specializing in a novel breast cancer screening solution that uses Thermalytix. 

With the help of a new cancer screening software that induces machine intelligence over thermography images, an effective solution is crafted that is a low cost, easy to use, and portable at the same time requires minimal human supervision. Niramai has drafted a solution that can detect cancer at a much earlier stage than traditional diagnostic methods and self-examination, thereby improving survival rates. Women of all age groups can implement this solution and undergo frequent screening without any side-effects.

14. Elucidata

  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Founders: Abhishek Jha and Swetabh Pathak
  • Headquartered: Delhi, India
  • Category: Embed data science across every stage of drug discovery

Elucidata Corporation uses data analytics to transform decision-making processes in R&D labs in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

healthcare startups

Elucidata builds algorithms and software to processes. They analyze and visualize large omics data across metabolomics, genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics among others. They are known to build our own products and provide customized solutions to partners.

15. CrediHealth

healthcare startups
  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Founders: Gaurav Gaggar, Ravi Virmani, and Saurabh Uboweja
  • Headquartered: Gurgaon, India
  • Category: Consult online with doctors & book lab tests, order medicines online, get a second opinion

Credihealth is an Indian healthcare startup that is changing the face of healthcare in India. Credihealth has introduced a ground-breaking approach for people to compare and select from a comprehensive database of hospitals, doctors, and treatments. With a vision to provide easy access to credible health information, Credihealth strives to make the healthcare transparent

16. 1mg 

healthcare startups
  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Founders: Gaurav Agarwal, Prashant Tandon, Sameer Maheshwari & Vikas Chauhan
  • Headquartered: Gurgaon, India
  • Category: Consult online with doctors & book lab tests, order medicines online, read health tips, view medicine information

Formerly known as Healthkart Plus, 1mg is an online pharmacy network and generic medicine engine, that enables users to find information about medicines prescribed by doctors and also buy them. Users can find drugs by ailments, classes, companies, and brands.

Believe me, we can keep adding names and information to this list and it will go on! Taking a break at 16, we would like to request you to go and check these startup, if you are not already familiar to them.

These Innovative Healthcare Startups Are Crafting A Digitally-Fit India! 1
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