ServerClub- Optimize Your Organization's Throughput With ServerClub's Server Hosting Services

ServerClub is a Server hosting company which provides its customers highly Dedicated Server Hosting Services. Professional, quick, effective along with free customer support are the prime codes of ServerClub Company. ServerClub is centered at EvoSwitch Datacenter Amsterdam, Netherlands. Experts from the company are always available for you to setup your network with best hardware, software and customer support. ServerClub provides its customers with a backup option and a standby server in case of system failure. Also customers can opt for warning systems in case of system overloads. One can calculate the cost of the required setup along with other parameters.

Server Host

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Server

ServerClub Dedicated Servers

In case you require a secure connection over which data is to be transmitted then a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Server network would be the best option. Specifically when your network involves transfer of confidential data over the wire, VPN is a must. Engineers from ServerClub will help you set up a VPN server on any of the rented servers, for free! They will also make room for your users by creating User Accounts for them. Also the customers can use VPN service on a mobile phone. Customers can make use of VPN service on iPhone, BlackBerry and Android platforms. ServerClub Company assures that each of the servers can be used by about hundred users for continuous usage.

Instant Server Setup

ServerClub Instant Hosting

ServerClub provides a service wherein its customers can use the dedicated web server right after it is ordered and start hosting their domains. However, if there are customized needs then the customers can get Quick server setup within a day of placing the order. The most standard and popular OS and hardware models including SAS, SATA and RAID configurations are used.  This is made possible since ServerClub Company keeps a few preinstalled servers for customers.

Earn with ServerClub

Recommending people about ServerClub services can earn you 10% of the rent they pay in concern with their Tariff plan per month. You can do it just by asking your friends to enter your email address as referral before making the first order.  And if you are an active or former customer of ServerClub then you can earn 20% of the tariff plan. You can also be a Reseller for ServerClub.

Final Thoughts

Requirement of a dedicated server is a necessary and a basic need of an organization. With ServerClub’s excellent Server Hosting Services you can definitely take your organization to greater heights. You need not worry about your data since it is safe with ServerClub’s VPN services. You get a very good customer support for lifetime. So if you need a Dedicated Server Hosting Service, ServerClub is the best.

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