Why Are People Choosing Drupal Hosting In 2020?

Drupal hosting
PIC: Drupal hosting

If you built a website over the past couple of decades, chances are you used WordPress. WordPress has long been the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. Even with more options than ever, WordPress has remained at the top of the game.

This is understandable. WordPress is free and open-source, and because of its longevity, there are tons of themes, plugins, and extensions available online. However, not everyone is using WordPress. Among other popular CMSs, Drupal has garnered a dedicated following.

Drupal is another free, open-source CMS. It is customizable and provides plenty of tools for developers to make the most of the platform.

Here are some of the reasons people are choosing Drupal in 2020.

Drupal web hosting

One factor that has facilitated the use of Drupal for millions of people is that you can get cheap Drupal hosting from many hosting providers. Drupal web hosting is optimized to make Drupal installation seamless. The features of Drupal are amplified when using Drupal hosting, which is particularly helpful for beginners.

Hosting providers have recognized and customized for Drupal hosting is worthwhile as Drupal’s numbers are growing quickly.

Drupal is free

While WordPress is free, you can pay to upgrade to have access to the entire package. Drupal hosting, on the other hand, is entirely free. Everything you could want from the platform is available to every single user.

WordPress hosting is never going to be expensive, but the money you save by using Drupal can be used on plugins and themes made by independent developers. This will open up the possibilities beyond what the original CMS developers imagined.


Drupal is also one of the most customizable platforms available. In a world with millions of websites vying for views, customizability is crucial. Your website needs to look different from your competitors, and features that increase usability can make all the difference. Furthermore, the endless options provided make Drupal particularly useful for e-commerce websites that require a specific level of functionality.


Every lover of tech knows that it is the smaller fish that have more involved communities. While WordPress has its devotees, Drupal has a community that is dedicated to taking the CMS to further heights.

The benefits of a strong community of designers, developers, and website owners, is that you are always able to find exactly what you need. If you have a vision for your site in your mind, you do not need to develop each aspect yourself. On the contrary, as long as you describe it, other developers will be able to point you to the right plugins and extensions. They may even offer to develop what you need for you, in which case you are contracting someone who cares about the platform to help you, rather than a random web developer.

Should I choose Drupal & Drupal hosting?

The reality is that, for most people, the differences between WordPress, Drupal, and other CMS platforms may not matter. After all, there is only so much the layman can do with a CMS, no matter how customizable it is. However, if you do have experience and want to make the most of your website, Drupal may be the perfect option to keep you engaged and involved in further website development.

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