What Is The Average Cost And Price Breakdown Of A Server? 

What Factors Contribute to the Price of a Server?

When customers ask us to provide them with a price quotation for a server, our response is always adapted to meet the requirements of the particular business. Due to the fact that the cost of a server might be adjusted, it is difficult to offer an accurate estimate of the price. The price of a server is often determined by the following three factors:

What Is The Average Cost And Price Breakdown Of A Server?  1
  • What are your plans for making use of the server?
  • How many individuals do you anticipate will connect to and use the server?
  • And depending on your use case, which particular components are you going to need to employ?

Nevertheless, a minimum of $5,000 is a sensible amount for the price of a server to plan for. If you have substantial data storage requirements, you should be ready to move up.

What Kinds of Things Make Up a Server, Anyway?

The sum of $5000 is a significant amount of money, particularly when one is just beginning their career. Let’s have a look at just what it is that you are purchasing when you fork out that amount of money, shall we?

There are five primary elements that make up a server.

  • The form factor, often known as the case
  • Processor
  • RAM
  • Archival media; hard drive
  • Power supplies

Type Factor

The first thing to consider is the size of the device, often known as the form factor, or the kind of case it will fit in. The amount of space you have available will affect this. Also, think about the number of servers that will be available.


The processor is the second component, and its capabilities dictate how many different items may be processed at the same time. Digital devices already have processors. There are processors that have been developed for servers alone, and their only purpose is to ensure compatibility with other servers.

Before deciding on a processor, it is important to ask oneself the following questions:

  • Should I choose a single or a double processor for my business?
  • What is the minimum number of cores that a CPU must have?

What you want to do with the server will determine how you respond to this question. The decision about whether to use a single processor or a dual processor has a significant impact on the total cost.


RAM constitutes the third component (Random Access Memory). RAM (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Random-access_memory) makes it possible to operate many virtual servers or for more than one person to utilize the same server at the same time.


Your server’s storage is the fourth component that makes up your server. It’s important to think about both the quantity and quality of storage space required when choosing the drive(s) for your server.

Are you content to use the standard spinning disk, which is both slower and more cost-effective? Or do you require the more contemporary and speedy SSDs, which come at a larger cost but also provide more storage space?

The Source of Power

Your power supply is the fifth and final component of your system. Dual power supplies are what we suggest for use with servers since they provide redundancy in the event that one of the supplies fails.

What Varieties of Servers Are Available?

There are many distinct applications for servers, each of which receives a specific title based on its purpose. The following are some examples of frequent uses:

  • For storage
  • Regarding computer simulations
  • For remote desktops
  • When doing a particular job
What Is The Average Cost And Price Breakdown Of A Server?  2

For Storage

The storing of data is the most typical initial application of servers. It’s possible that you’ll require a server to store all of your data. If you operate a small firm that employs less than twenty employees, this might cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 at the most.

Servers may become prohibitively costly for companies that need a significant amount of hard drive capacity for archiving purposes, video editing, or 3D modeling. The price of your server might go up to 20,000 dollars.

With Regard to Virtual Machines

The second application is the configuration of several virtual machines. The use of many virtual machines enables multiple business applications, like email and active directory, to be operated on a single physical server.

It is difficult to provide a price estimate since the cost is dependent on the number of virtual servers that need to be operated. The cost will increase proportionately with the number of virtual servers that you need to maintain.

Nevertheless, it is important to avoid over-engineering your server. We want adequate performance, but not too much. It would be like getting a gaming computer when all you need is a device to check email and browse the internet.   Consolidating your servers in an effective manner is crucial if you want to prevent over-engineering your system.

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