Are Robots At Work In Your Office?

The Industrial Revolution was a key evolutionary time for modern technology globally. The automation of human labor has been an ongoing process that has eventually led us the position that we are in today. Robotics can be found and even used in the office. There is not nearly one part of your daily life that automation of human jobs did not create. Especially at your office. Here are a few ways robotics has entered the current working scene.

robotics in your office

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation is highly technical, and results in the automation of labor. It uses software robotics to actually automate human processes that are based on knowledge.  This helps to reduce business costs, improve the quality of work, and improve productivity.  Robotic process automation works in the office to automate several extremely time consuming aspects of business, like complaints analysis, claims management, policy administration, patient registration, and new customer recruitment.

The automation of human jobs through robotic process automation is something that many people argue will destroy the need for actual humans to have a real job. However, there is an argument that the automation of these jobs will actually just create new and different jobs for humans. The historical benefits of this process include the fact that this method allows workers to focus on more complex tasks that require true human judgment and the ability to connect with other humans. This points to a future where humans do not need to focus on mundane labour, allowing the majority of people to focus on more specialized work.

Robots Replacing Humans

Many companies are now replacing human jobs with robotic automation. This is an extremely controversial subject, however there are proven benefits for the companies. These companies are choosing to use robots for obvious cost and productivity reasons. Robots never tire in the same way that a human can become exhausted, and can even stack up intelligence-wise (for example, some robots can speak multitudes of languages).

Some examples of robots replacing humans are Quiet Logistics robots. These robots allow for quickly found, packaged, and shipped online orders in warehouses. This is ideal for online retailers who must process large quantities of orders quickly. These bots are able to find exactly where ordered products are located in a warehouse. This takes the physical task of finding products in a warehouse out of the hands of employees. Another example is of the internationally renowned Adidas that uses a robotic shoemaker. This, however, still uses humans for parts of the assembly process, thus integrating the two modes of work.


The world of automation of human labor has become advanced even to the point that companies are now using robots to telecommute their workers to warehouses and other places of work. This means that employees can essentially use robots to stay home and also physically be in another place. This is an incredible advancement. This has become an extremely popular; as it has been growing in use since 1961, with China, the USA, Japan, and Germany the hosts of most of that interest.

An example of a telecommuting robot is the VGo unit, a robotic avatar that allows an employee to literally virtually move through the buildings of their workplace and attend meetings. It is equipped with a camera, microphones, and a video display. This is all packaged on a 4-foot tall-motorized platform. After this, all you need to do to virtually work is download the special software on your home computer, and log in. Telecommuting via robotics for work is ideal if your job requires you to be mobile, and regular teleconferencing applications do not meet your requirements.

While the automation of human work and jobs is an extremely controversial subject, there are many proven benefits. Moreover, it does seem to be the way of the future as it is an easy way for businesses to cut costs whilst increasing the productivity of their company. It is nearly impossible to avoid. The use of robotics instead of humans, or to aid in human work is visible everywhere, including in offices. Nowhere is immune to the help of robots in all parts of life.  

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