Bengaluru Airport Creates PlayPort For Summer Travellers

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    Bengaluru Airport Creates PlayPort For Summer Travellers 5
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    When it’s an ordinary day for most of us who arrive at the Bangalore International Airport, the kids are going to have a lot of fun. With the arrival of Summer vacation, the Bangalore International Airport has once again turned into a playground for the kids. The Playport 2017 is all set to welcome the young passengers and to offer them a perfect start for their vacation right at the Airport. I was one among the bloggers who got invited to have a look at the Playport initiative by BIAL (Bangalore International Airport Limited). It was a fun filled day for us, the bloggers and the kids accompanied us.


    The games are arranged along different parts of the Airport, this year’s Playport will run through until 15th May 2017. The best part is that; the games are organized both outside and inside of the Airport. Don’t hesitate to carry along your kids if you are here to drop/pick up someone. I bet they are going to have a great time.

    Starting right at the arrival area of the terminal;

    The Emoji Photo booth

    A perfect opportunity for both kids and adults to take pictures with their favorite emojis.

    playport bangalore

    Emoji Pool

    Jumping into a pool filled with Yellow Soft Emoji Balls is a dream come true for most of us. Unfortunately, this game is particularly for the young audience where they can climb a ladder and jump into the Emoji Pool.

    Obstacle Course

    For those kids who want to jump around, this is the perfect course they can attend. There are some colored tires, small hurdles and all they should do is jump across these obstacles to become the winner.

    Surf Simulator

    Wow! This one I enjoyed a lot. Designed for both adults/kids, the Surf Simulator offers you a simulated surfing experience. Stand on the surfing board and balance your body to compensate the movements of the board. Don’t be afraid to fall, you will land safely on the air filled bouncy surface.

    bangalore airport playport

    Reaching airport on time is one hard thing for most of us mostly due to the unpredictable Bangalore traffic. If you were in a hurry and couldn’t able to catch the Playport outside, there are a lot of other fun/exotic activities waiting for you once you pass the security gate.

    The VR Experience

    The Playport 2017 features one of the most interesting tech inventions of the century, Virtual Reality. The VR platform offers a wide variety of games which literally will be played by you! No more consoles. The entire motion is controlled by your movements.

    Bengaluru Airport Creates PlayPort For Summer Travellers 1

    The Block Game

    The player is asked to choose an image of the city and arrange the blocks in front of him to recreate the same. This is a big sized jig saw puzzle which involves blocks instead of the jigsaw.

    Maze Game

    This game test the flexibility of you. To be the winner, you must cross the maze without touching the threads.

    The Snooker Football

    This is what happens when the Snooker meets the Football game. The player will literally turn into ‘Cue’ stick and shoots a single ball at the remaining ones.

    There are also magic shows, tattoo artists which will take you through a thrilling and exotic experience while you wait for your flight.

    Based on the theme ‘Happy Experiences’, this year’s Playport is designed to enhance the experience of travelers and visitors through discovery, learning and fun. Kudos to the great team who are behind this initiative which turns the Airport atmosphere into a fun filled one. If you are travelling via the highway or to Nandi Hills take a turn to Airport to stop and enjoy this. I bet your kids are going to love this.


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