How To: Protect Your Smart Phone From Getting Hacked

Mobiles phones and hand-held has become an inseparable part of our life for most of us. We all love them more than ourselves, since the last few years, the price of these amazing devices had free falls. We all loved it, however as we all know with every good there remains a bad somewhere to counteract each other. As more and more people are shifting from basic phone models to new smarter devices, it gives us many more features which would had been impossible in the old handsets. However as the complexity increases so so does the dependency on new technologies, instead of firmware we now use Mobile OS for most of the smart hand-held devices.

This had opened the gates to the hackers ,crackers, malicious bots and codes which invades your smart devices and steal all your personal data and leave them paralyzed. However if you are aware of the protection techniques you can take to avoid such things you can be a lot more safe.

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So How Do I Protect My Smart Phone?

There are certain things that you should perfect into a habit after purchasing your Smart-phone.

  • Keep the bluetooth always turned off and hidden until and unless required.
  • Keep the GPRS or Connectivity to Internet only permissible by you and disable auto invoke.
  • Don’t receive any files from persons you do not trust
  • Always use a good Mobile Antivirus like Kaspersky or NetQin.
  • Always keep the Antivirus updated
  • If Wi Fi is there in your phone keep it disabled unless required.
  • Update your Mobile OS or any other platform to the latest whenever available. It fixes the security holes.
  • Always keep tab what software is being installed in your phone.
  • Do not install any software from any untrusted source.
  • Pirated application is definitely a no-no it will open back doors for hackers before you ever know.

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There can be more security that can be taken but it would be inconvenient for most of the users. however if you take care of the above most of the problems can be avoided. So, be safe in this mad world.

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