The Pros and Cons of Group-Blogging

At some point, you may begin to feel overwhelmed by your blog. Maybe you've gained so much popularity and traffic that it's hard to keep up with the extra workload: moderating comments, handling guest post requests, writing your own posts, tracking down potential advertisers. Or maybe you've gotten a little frustrated with the lack of success your blog has had no matter how much work you put into it.

Now you're thinking that another way to deal with these problems is to form a group blog. You have a few other blogger friends with whom you've talked about this idea, and they seem open to its potential for great success. All you have to do is buy the domain and set up the blog.


Well, before you take that final step, you should consider some of the following pros and cons to operating a group blog. Hopefully, this list can help you make your final decision and figure out whether or not having a group blog is right for you.



Lots of Fresh Content

First of all, because group blogs have lots of contributors, they'll naturally be able to post lots of fresh content. Having a fresh comment stream is really important to a blog's health, so the multiple contributors to the group blog can definitely keep that stream of content going. Also, because there are many contributors writing for the blog, the blog can stay healthy through tough times as well. For example, if one contributor gets writer's block really badly, the blog will still be okay because other contributors can fill in that weakness. In all cases, multiple contributors can keep the posts going, which will bring traffic back again and again.

All Hands on Deck

Think about all of the other tasks that go along with running a blog. It's hard for one person to accomplish all of that, but with multiple contributors, everyone can focus on writing blog posts plus one other task. You can assign someone to moderate comments while another person handles all guest post queries. Splitting up the administrative duties will keep everyone from burning out too, so they can focus on creating great content.

Huge Reputation

Finally, running a group blog can lead to a great boost to your reputation, especially if your fellow contributors also have great reputations in the blogging community. Think of the group blog as a place where you join everyone together. Your readers will respect your important opinions and they will trust you to bring them excellent content every day. That'll give you some respect!


Needs More Structure

You might find, however, that the huge amount of fresh content could actually overwhelm the blog. This means you'll have to create a better publishing structure in order to manage the stream of posts. Some group blogs break this up by assigning each day to a contributor. Others create weekly columns for their contributors. Others assign different features to their contributors: interviews, reviews, news items, and so on. The point is that you might not be able to any longer just publish things as they are written. You'll have to manage the publishing schedule according to your audience's needs.

Editorial Disagreements

As is common when groups of people collaborate on a project, disagreements among your bloggers will naturally arise. Sure, even if you're all friends, at one point or another, you will have to sort out a disagreement regarding the blog's editorial vision. Just be prepared to handle these disagreements. Put in place a system that will allow you to make decisions as to what articles to publish or what issues to cover. That way, when a disagreement does come up, you can refer to the editorial system in place already.

If you can think of other pros or cons, please leave them in the comment section. Also, if you've worked on a group blog, please feel free to share with us your experience.



This guest contribution was submitted by Pamelia Brown, who specializes in writing about associates degree. Questions and comments can be sent to: [email protected]




  1. Nice to see you here pamelia. This is as useful article. You always write such a nice and informative article that some time i become jealous to you. Keep writing such good articles

  2. HI Pamelia,

    I hadn't even considered group blogs! It's kind of funny, since I write for one, but it's a bunch of freelance writers writing for a business, rather than a group of bloggers getting together for common goals, sharing viewership, etc.

    This is something I'll definitely want to think about!


  3. I think you have said very well and I have noticed disagreement point on very big blog community in web designing niche . Where if one person not approving guest blogger content then other have given permission to publish it after few weeks . Because of this disagreement problem you can also find up and downs in content quality category too .

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