Freerice Vocabulary Game helps UN Donate Rice With Every Right Answer!

Yes.. The title seems somewhat weird but the fact is that you can play quiz game online and feed the hunger worldwide. is the website where it is possible to feed the hunger and improve our vocabulary as well. Playing the game is simple, when you log in you get a word and four options on the screen along with the empty plate, all you have to do is choosing the correct synonym which suits the given word. As soon as you select the correct answer, the plate will be filled with 10 grains. You can play the whole day; there is no restriction for this. Finally the grains collected by you will be given to the needy.

How Free Rice Online Game works?

The rice is paid by the sponsors whose advertisement banners you see on the bottom of your screen when you give a correct answer. This website belongs to UN World Food Program and 100% genuine, they do what they say. It is the United Nations frontline agency in the fight against global hunger and the world's largest humanitarian organization, working closely with many other organizations in over 75 countries.

How is Online Quiz helpful for you?

This website helps much as a tool of improving your vocabulary. You learn new words as you start playing this game. The database of freerice is massive and you can even choose the subject you wish to answer, the subjects include math, science, geography, art history, foreign languages and more. Apart from quiz game you can create your own groups and add friends who are intended to help the needy or else you can join the existing groups.

Freerice can be effectively used in-

  • Schools and colleges in improving the vocabulary of students.
  • Write more effective blogs, emails and business letters with rich words
  • Speak more confidently and also using new words
  • Improve your performance at job interviews and conferences
  • Be more successful in your job

Isn’t it helpful? Yup.. for you and the person who is needy. Visit here at


  1. Playing quiz game online can help u s to gain good knowledge where we can have good learning development. I guess this game quiz would really work because it help us to maintain our skills in solving many game problems. I can pay someone to write my research paper and it will be good if they could give me some learning's about this game quiz.

  2. Great Srinivas, this is a great idea of helping the hungry. Great and Thanks for your concern for the needy.

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