Free Management Tools: Enhance Your Productivity Even In This COVID-19 Crisis, 2021

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We are in the midst of the second wave of this global pandemic. Everything is being severely affected by the COVID-19 but still we all are finding the best alternative tools to continue our workflow. In the midst of these, there lies a section of the population like Volunteers, NGOs, Fundraiser, Social Entrepreneurs and others that is working their tail off for serving the nation in this Coronavirus pandemic

Beside all these discomforts, there is a high rise of innovative ideas and inventions that is helping the world to make a step forward. Despite all these resistances the big companies, Associations, firms and startups are coming forward and introducing plenty of free tools that can help the people to interact and continue their work. In this hard time we should never forget that how much Zoom application has contributed in our lives.


The free tools that are noteworthy to be mentioned and that can help you to never stop growing in their field. So let’s discuss the tools one by one:

Video Conferencing Softwares:


Zoom: The highest rated video conference platform used by schools, universities, companies for virtual interaction.

Google Meet: This is another widely used video conferencing platform providing the features of audio and video preview screen along with anti abuse feature by default.

LogMeIn: This video conferencing platform providing 3 month free licensing and also free emergency remote Work kit for governmental bodies, municipalities, Educational institutes and health care providers

Loom: It is a great interface where one can create video along with screen recording. It provides limitless recording of the video and it can be easily shared via different platforms.

RingCentral: This free platform allows teleconference meeting and so it can be used by NGOs , health care practitioners

Discord:It is totally free to use and it also supports streaming service. The Go Live Streaming feature of Discord is now a lot more enhanced and it even supports 50 users at the same instance.

BlueJeans: This software has moved one step ahead in this outbreak. They have initiated 90 days free trial for the NGOs and the first responders and also they can extend this according to the situation.

Dialpad: It is a video conferencing platform along with UberConference Business allowing you to get connected internationally.

LifeSize: Because of the COVID outbreak they have made their license unlimited for the seamless conduction of the video conference for six months.

Yext: This free site is offering a 90 day free trial period. It allows the transformation of the platform into a search engine which can answer all the customers COVID queries.

Skype: It is used in world wide conversation. It can be used by NGOs, associations and volunteers for discussing their plan and sharing their files or can broadcast a meeting.

Bloomz: This platform is providing free services to the schools, institutes since June, 2020 which enables the user to make interactions, do their study work and receive the feedbacks from the teacher

8X8: This platform allows the user to initiate their video conferencing across 60+ countries with the limitation of 50 participants and no time restrictions.

ServiceNow: This website has released four emergency response applications for their private and public sector customers in order to maintain the workflow of the company during this pandemic.

Jamm: A great video audio collaborating platform allowing the users to do live-streaming as well as recording video messages for faster interaction. It is providing a free trial of 3 months.

Rev: This free iOS tool allows you to record and transcribe  unlimited calls whether it is incoming or outgoing.

Panopto:Unlimited and  Automatic Recording and Sharing of the Persistent Zoom Meeting for Schools, Universities, Business and Institutes.

Genesys: This allows free access to the Genesys Cloud within 48 hours along with descriptive training and customer support.

Chatfuel: This is a free tool used to create no code chatbot for your business allowing upto 50 chatbot users with access to all the features.

Cira Apps: With the use of a free version of this software you can enhance your productivity by easily syncing the Office365 calendar and contacts to smartphones.

BoardEffect: This software is providing the free and  useful tools, insights and analytics to the NGOs, health care system, educational system for initiating effective governance in this crisis.

BirdEye: It allows free interaction with the leads and customers via web chats, texting, Facebook messages, bulk messaging, live chat, Google Business. Due to this COVID-19 outbreak, the company has come up with an offer of two months free access for the educators, SMBs, teams at large enterprises to use their AI powered assistant.

Freshworks: You can have free access to Freshworks’ customer engagement tools, Freshcaller,  with no restriction.

Collaboration and CRM Platforms:

collaboration softwares

Microsoft: This company has offered the free license of Office 365 A1 for the educators.

Dropbox: For supporting the NGOs and the organizations helping in fighting the is COVID-19 situation are provided with three month free subscription of HelloSign Enterprise and Dropbox business.

Wrike: All new customers can avail the 6 months free license of the work management platform. Other than that the present customers can add unlimited collaborators.

Airtable: They have tried to provide a free Airtable Pro plan service for the NGOs and volunteers and it will provide the same for the students soon.

ClickUp: Free Customer Relationship Management platform for enhancing the productivity of the business.

Marketing Tools:

Marketing softwares

SalesForce: This software is providing six months free COVID 19 Response Package for health care systems, NGOs and volunteers. It enables free access to the technology for the emergency teams, health care system.

MailChimp: This website is fully supporting the nation by making their Standard plan free for theall the eligible public sector corporations

GoDaddy: This company has taken a huge step in order to help the business in this covid crisis. It allows the users to create free websites for the small business along with in-built marketing tools.

SurveyMonkey: This is a feedback creating platform where you can freely use the professional templates for collecting the data from different section of the world impacted by COVID-19

Does Google has free management tool?

No, usually Google does not provide such tools but you can check out Google Sheet as a substitute. It allows you to add the data and share it with the team members.

You should definitely check out all these platforms to access the offers made by great companies for supporting all the NGOS, public service organizations, small business , volunteers and health care systems too.  Use these websites to reach the peak of productivity. You can even share more websites or software by commenting down below.

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