Intel to Unveil the New Microprocessor Technology Which Can Control Devices With Your Gesture

Intel Corp is on the news all the time. Intel recently bought McAfee for a deal worth $7.68 billion. And there was some rumors that Intel’s next microprocessor comes with built-in antivirus. If you are curious about why Intel bought McAfee, read this Intel also just acquired Texas Instruments’ cable modem product line. Now Intel provided few details about the Sandy Bridge processor with advanced vector instructions, called AVX, to accelerate applications such as gesture recognition and media transcoding. The new processor comes with graphics, video processing and other features on a single piece of silicon.

According to a , the target applications for AVX are interface technology to control gaming and entertainment. Intel expects that this forthcoming technology would reduce the need for specialized DSPs and GPUs. Smart computing is here.. Yes visibly smart. But my personal opinion would be that intel would make people more lazy by the launch of the next-generation gesture recognition technology.  Its amazing to just thing about the world where we can control TV , PC, Washing machine and other devices at home in just a gesture.

Source: Wall Street Journal article

Here’s a video overview of the gesture technology by Intel

Why Mouse When You Can Hand Gesture Your Smart Devices

here’s another video from YouTube: