5 Best Free PDF Editor For Online/Offline Mode


Let’s say you have to edit a PDF by adding images, texts, replacing or resizing the images,texts but don’t know how to do that? It is also the fact that for different applications or software you need different methods. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. In this article we will list down all the methods specific to the software in detail so that you can easily learn how to type on PDF and add texts or images. 

Best Ways For Editing PDF:

Let’s start discussing all the procedures systemically in details:

Adobe Acrobat:

In order to start editing the PDF you have to follow the following steps mentioned below:

Steps to follow:

  • Firstly open the file Adobe Acrobat
  • Now on the right side of the pane, there will appear an option named Edit PDF, select this.
  • You will now be able to do all editing with the help of editing tools available like adding, replacing, resizing, the texts and image with the help of the options available under Objects list.
  • By using some special features you can add watermarks too.
  • Finally, rename the file and save the customized PDF.

Sejda: Online Mode:

Sejda is a simple and quick online service which requires no installation and can help you with all your PDF tasks. Visit the page named https://www.sejda.com/ by copying and pasting this in your browser. This website provides you to edit upto three PDFs consisting of 200 pages. After uploading the files, the PDF gets deleted after 2 hours. 

Steps to follow:

  • Click on the green tab named Upload PDF file present at the center of the page.
step 1
  • Now you can select the PDFs that you want to edit and click on the Open tab present at the bottom of the page.
step 2
  • After it is uploaded you can add text in the PDF by clicking on the icon on the top of the page.
step 3
  • It not only allows you to add text but also edit the existing texts or delete the texts as well. You can even do the formatting of the PDF like making the text bold, italics or changing the size and colour of the font.
step 4
  • Even if you want to insert the link in the PDF you can do that easily with the help of Link to External URL.
step 5
  • Now after doing all the changes click on the green tab named as Apply Changes present at the bottom center of the page.
step 6
  • After threat click on Download and save the file in your device, Google Drive, One Drive or Dropbox.

LibreOffice: Offline Software:

This software is free to us and is considered as a great alternative to Microsoft Office. All you have to do is download and install it on your PC. Remember that you have to download the full suite, if you want to use LibreOffice Draw.  Click here to download. After the file is installed conduct these steps:

libreoffice 1

Steps to follow:

  • Now open the software by entering the name in the Start search box. In Mac this will be available in the Application folder.
  • Here you have to open the PDF by clicking on the File option present at the top, then Select Open File for choosing the PDF which you want to edit.
  • After that you will be able to use this feature enriched software for making any kind of changes in the PDF like resizing text and images, changing the fonts, color or inserting images and links.
libreoffice 2
  • Lastly save the file by entering into the File option( File> Save)
  • You can export this file as PDF by this method: File> Export As > Export as PDF

Microsoft Word: Offline Mode:

I guess everyone is familiar with this method. So let’s quickly talk about the procedure via which you can edit the PDF here:

  • Open the application in your system and then click on the File Menu.
ms word 1
  • Now you can open up the file or PDF which you want to edit as a word.
ms word 2

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor: Offline Mode:

If you want to edit or make any changes offline then this is the best software for you. You can simply install this application by visiting here.

Steps to follow:

  • Firstly launch the Xodo PDF Reader & Editor in your laptop or PC
xodo 1
  • Now select the Browse option and open the file which requires editing.
  • You can start editing the PDF by clicking on the pencil icon present in the top right corner of the window.
xodo 2
  • After clicking the Pencil icon, you will be able to see numerous options like adding symbols, highlighting texts, inserting images with the PDF or adding stickers also.
xodo 3
  • You can even add signature in the PDF or can save them in there for the future use in another documents

Which PDF editor is really free?

I would like to recommend a number of free softwares which you can use for editing your PDF:
1. PDF Candy
2. PDFescape
3. Nitro Pro
4. Acrobat ProDC
5. Smallpdf

Does Microsoft have a free PDF Editor?

Microsoft PDF Manager costs around $30, but it was made available for free till 3rd July. After that in order to edit, emerge, duplicate, add or remove the PDF pages and password, they need to make a purchase.

Like this, you can take the benefit of all the important features available in the offline mode of the software named xodo. We have listed down some tried and tested methods so that you don’t have to face any  issues. I hope this article has helped you. Hence, you can save this article for future use or can even share with your friends and colleagues to sort out their work.