Curse of Vanishing Enchantment in Minecraft Explained in 5 Minutes

Are you new to Minecraft? Or have you been playing Minecraft for quite a while now? Either way, you should know what is the minecraft Curse of Vanishing enchantment in Minecraft and for those of you who play it regularly, we can bet that you just want to avoid the curse of vanishing because it’s not exactly a good enchantment or maybe you don’t understand how you got it or the exact mechanics behind it. You obviously want to get all the best enchantments possible but all the enchantments that you come across while trading with the villagers may not exactly be, well, good.  So let’s take a look at what exactly the curse of enchantment is.

Curse of vanishing enchantment is an enchantment in Minecraft What are all the possible enhancements you can add to your boots in Minecraft, it’s basically one of the two curse enchantments- the other being cursive mining. This enchantment is an enchantment you definitely want to avoid. What this enchantment does is, make your item completely disappear when you die. For example, if you have a really amazing diamond pickaxe and it’s enchanted, you don’t that you’re actually putting the curse of vanishing on it. 


This enchantment is usually marked in red and it’s literally a curse in disguise. And the way you can come across this is through villager trading, chest loots, and fishing. Here’s an example:

if you have a book, let’s say it has Riptide 3 which is fantastic and you really want it on your Tridents, so you go to your Anvil and you’re so excited about getting Riptide 3, and you put it on there and without even noticing you got the curse of vanishing minecraft. *Sigh* and the amazing trident that you just enchanted will disappear when you die and the bad thing about this is that it’s quite impossible to get rid of enchantment like this. 

curse of vanishing enchantment

Does Curse of Vanishing work on armor?

Yes, Using an enchanting table, anvil, or game command, you can add the Curse of Vanishing enchantment on any tool, weapon, or armor.

Can you get curse of binding from villagers?

Curse of Binding may only be obtained through dealing with library villagers. Trading with librarian villagers no longer yields enchanted books with Curse of Binding.

How To Get The Minecraft Curse Of Vanishing? 

This enchantment is included in the rarest of enchanting books collection in Minecraft. Though, it can be obtained from specific places. It can be found while trading, You will have to set up a Lectern and some bookcases in a village. Alternatively, it can also be found in the raid rewards or buying them with emerald rewards. Desert and jungle temples also have a good chance of rewarding you with this curse enchantment. You can find some items like books that have this enchantment of them.


What Does a Curse Of Vanishing Do?

This curse wasn’t initially added in the game and players did not have to worry about it. It was added to the game during the 1.11 dubbed exploration update. The developers introduced an enchantment to the game with negative effects for the first time. So talking about the effects of this curse enchantment and what exactly does it do?

of course, it’s no treat, In fact, the effects are devastating. What happens is that upon the death of a player, the items enchanted by this curse automatically disappear and cannot be looted even after the player makes it back in time after the death. This curse can be applied to any item and not just weapons.

But on the green side, this curse can be used to punish your enemies by cursing an expensive item. Also, your enemies will not be able to steal your precious and valuable items after you die. 


How To Get Rid of The Curse of Vanishing Enchantment?

In the normal scenario, your items will just drop off after you die but it’s different if the items are cursed. Your item will be gone forever once you are cursed by another player by cursing your item in the inventory. And it cannot be recovered once gone.

But, it’s possible to get rid of the curse of vanishing enchantment. If you are cursed you can remove it quite easily, by finding the same item as the cursed item. Another way is to use  Grindstone which can be used to remove the curse from weapons or tools. This is probably the quickest way to remove the curse of vanishing enchantment but it comes at a cost, it will remove all the other enchantments you have as well. 

So that was about everything you need to know about the Curse of vanishing enchantment in Minecraft.  The best way is to be super careful if you want to avoid this curse and even if you encounter this curse you have to be quick enough to get back in time to revive all your items. As interesting as this game is we know it can be quite unfortunate if you encounter this curse but remember, at the end of the day it’s just a game. 

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