[Fixed]: 5 Best Ways To Fix “No Power Options Available Error”

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Have you ever come across the situation where you find the error of no availability of power options in your Windows? It is even reported by the users that No Power Options Error is most likely to happen in the Windows version 8.1 and 10. So, if you are facing the same issue, then this is the perfect article for you to find the reasons behind such occurrences of error. Along with this you will be provided all sorts of solutions for fixing the problem.

Let’s start off by discussing the cause of No Power Option Available Error.

What is the possible cause of error?

Through the thorough research about such types of errors in the system, we are able to conclude some main reasons that are responsible for disappearance of power options. 

Power Options Menu:

The complications or glitches in the menu may cause these issues to happen. If this is the case then the problem can be sorted out by updating the Windows pending updates or you can also use Command Prompt for the restoration of the Power Options.

Registry Key:

Sometimes it also appears that the registry key when enabled by the user, it can cause such kind of error. You can overcome this issue by disabling the registry key.

Corrupted System File:

The Windows users must check out for the presence of a corrupted file because this might be responsible for such an error. Make sure to perform some scans named SFC or DISM in order to get rid of the corrupted files in your system.

Since we have discussed the major issues responsible for the No Power Options available, now let’s move forward to the possible troubleshooting ways via which the users can fix the issue. So let’s get started.

Noteworthy: All the mentioned methods are only applicable for certain circumstances, so it is quite important for you to stick with the guidelines presented below.

You see there are currently no power options available error when you click on the Start menu?

Yes, you might encounter some errors like no availability of power option but there are some quick and easy solutions for fixing this issue:
1. By Running Windows Power Troubleshooter.
2. By attempting Command Prompt
3. By running SFC/ DISM Scans.

5 Quick Fix To Troubleshoot No Power Options Available Error

First Solution: Run Windows Power troubleshooter:

You should definitely try this fix as it is found highly effective by the Windows 10 users. This works equally well with the other versions like 7 and 8.1. You can start by:

  • Tap on the Window key and R simultaneously to open the Run dialogue box.
  • Type ms-settings:troubleshoot and click the OK or press Enter key.
  • Now the Troubleshoot panel will appear and scroll down to find the Power option. After clicking the Power option, tap on the tab named Run the troubleshooter.
  • As soon as the scan gets completed, select Apply this fix and then work accordingly to the prompts visible on the screen.
  • After fulfillment of all the requirements, restart your system and check if the problem is resolved or not.

If you are still facing such problems then try out this one.

Second Solution: Command Prompt:

  • Press Window and R key concurrently to open the Run dialogue box. 
  • Type cmd and now have to click Ctrl+Shift+Enter at the same time to open the elevated Command prompt. 
  • You can add the Administrative privileges by clicking Yes after the prompt made by User Account Control.
  • Now you have to run the provided command in the elevated Command Prompts, if you want to restore all the Power option Menu.

 powercfg –restoredefaultschemes

  • Lastly you can try restarting your computer to check if the error is over or not. Otherwise, you can also check the command presented below. Just copy and paste the command and press Enter.

secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\inf\defltbase.inf /db defltbase.sdb /verbose

After the application of the command you have to restart your system to see the changes.

Third Solution: SFC/ DISM scans:

As mentioned earlier in the causes of error, corrupted files may be responsible for no power options available. So, conducting a scan can be the ultimate solution.You must know the fact that both the scans possess its specific functions. 

SFC named System File Checker is capable of using the local backup for the removal of corrupted files, while DISM named Deployment Image Servicing Management makes the use of components of Windows update for extracting the files free from corruption. Let’s see how we can do that:

  • Click Window+R key for opening the Run dialogue box
  • Type cmd and instantly press Ctrl+Shift+Enter for obtaining elevated Command Prompt. 
dialogue box

Note: If you receive a popup by UAC then select Yes

  • You can run the command of the elevated Command Prompt for initializing the SFC scan.

sfc /scannow

  • After the completion of the scan restart your computer to see if the power options are available or not
  • If not, then you can repeat the same process of Run dialogue box mentioned above. The only difference you have to make is to run different command of the elevated Command prompt

dism /online / cleanup-image /restorehealth

Now, the system will start to conduct the scan and after the completion you can simply restart the computer.

Fourth Solution: Use of Registry Editor:

This Registry Editor is used by various users and in turn it has turned out positive too. So lets us guide you to make the stuff simpler to you:

  • Start off by clicking Window + R key for opening the Run dialogue box
  • In the Open bar type regedit and tap on Enter key to open the Registry Editor
  • Tap YES if the prompt is visible on your screen
  • Now in the left panel of the Registry Editor search for HKEY_CURRENT_USER 
  • Then on the right side of the panel you have to double-click on NoClose to change the value to zero
  • Finally click OK and restart your computer

Fifth Solution: Local Security Policy Tool:

Due to some username issues this kind of error may arise, but no worries cause it can be sorted out by making changes in the User Rights Assignment Policy in the Local Security Policy tool. This is applicable for the Windows version 8.1 and 10. So, lets see the procedure:

  • Open the Run dialogue box and type secpol.msc and press the Enter key
run box
  • Now Local Pool Security Policy Editor will open.
security policy
  • Under that option select Local Policies Menu tab and select User Rights Assignment
local policies
  • Then on the right side of panel you will find create a token object tab, double-click on that
token object
  • Find the Shutdown among the list of options, by right clicking choose properties option
  • After that you have to choose Backup Operators and then click on Add User or Group tab.
add user
  • After hitting the OK button minimize the window for now and move on the another set of guidelines as listed below:
  • Click Window + R for opening the Run dialogue box and type control.
  • Control Panel will appear where you have to go to the User accounts and select Configure advanced user profile properties on the left side of the page
account name
  • You have to copy the name of the profile.
  • Ultimately, you have to open the minimized window and paste or type the same username. 
  • Tap on Check Names option and click OK
  • Click on the Apply button for saving the changes and sign out.
  • After some time, sign in again and check if the power options menu is visible.

So here we have managed to provide you all the successful ways of restoring the power options with detailed guidelines. I hope you have achieved the desired results. In case if your friends, partners, colleagues are facing the same issue then do share with them. 

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