Linkshiftr : A Url Shortener With Conversion Tracking

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Due to the growing rage in social media, URL shorteners have gained huge demand, especially on sites such as Twitter. And for bloggers and affiliate marketers planning and organizing entirely depends on their analysis of sources and conversions of traffic. In my case I’ve tried everything from Google analytics to, but till now none of them ever satisfied my needs.

Linkshiftr : A Url Shortener With Conversion Tracking 1

For an affiliate marketer even the smallest changes can mean big amounts of money, so accurate information has great importance. I’m sure most of you have heard of similar services with reporting, but Linkshifr takes this to an all new level. I have compiled all of the features and characteristics of Linkshiftr, so all you internet marketers and bloggers make sure to keep your eyes open.

What is Linkshiftr?

Linkshiftr is a small and simple tool which does the work of any other URL shortener, which is convert big links into small ones of just a few characters, but with this it provides an important tool known as the tracking202, which tracks the location and sources and helps determine the conversions by each source, this may seem pretty similar to, but this is a lot accurate and has much more features.

The site boasts about being one of the only services to provide an easy platform for affiliates to create easy campaigns, analyze them, rotate links, split test optimization and conversion tracking across different platforms.

How I analyzed my links and pages?

After you’ve registered with Linkshiftr you can start off with making the maximum use of it, the first thing would be to shift all your links to your control panel. I started off by putting up all of my clickbank links as well as a few of my own landing pages on my blog and I had up to 30 links at the end.

One of the most unique features of Linkshiftr is its ability to change the destination for all of your shortened links, for example, just imagine that you’ve promoted your affiliate link in all places, but now you feel that the particular program no longer has the demand, so instead of forgetting the promotion you’ve done as a bad dream you can change the destination of those links to some other affiliate program.

Split tests and conversion tracking

Split testing is a really important step when it comes to affiliate marketing and even the smallest differences and changes can make huge differences in your bottom line. So the first and most important thing is a good analytics, which Linkshiftr has proven to be.

There are a few pixels and codes which are required to be pasted on your blog, and with all of these even the smallest amount of information can’t go wrong. This also a great way to choose the right affiliate, I’d say that this can be very important for all affiliate marketers and even bloggers who promote affiliate programs on their sites.

How much does it cost and other plans?

I believe in the saying that money can only buy you the best, but this great tool still has a kind heart for those who can’t afford it. The first plan is the free version which doesn’t cost you a single penny and other plan costs $15, which is little more than a few pennies which every internet user can afford these days,

The free plan does have a few restrictions, but the main features such as URL shortening, link redirection, rotation of links, link tracking and location tracking. But this lacks conversion tracking and has a limitation on the number of URLs, but still this is great for small, newbie affiliates.

The pro plan covers all of the features and has no limitations on the usage and are a must for big affiliates and can be just great for the smaller ones. It costs $15 currently, but they are running an offer which allows you to use it for 14 days for free, so you’ll have a great chance of testing out the tool before buying it.

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