LikedTube Lets You Add Click-able Links to Your YouTube Video with Custom Embed Code.

Video blogging is a great way to get exposure for your blog. And video takes less time when compared to time spent for writing an article. Google’s Matt says video drives much better traffic than an article on the same topic. In this article I will be showing you how to add link to a YouTube video. I use Linked-Tube to do this and it not only lets me link the video to my page it also has sharing options. Linked-Tube is basically a flash based widget. You may use it as a viral promotional tool for your YouTube video. Unlike standard YouTube players it links directly back to your URL, for example you can create video product listings linking direct to your shopping cart, music video links to the iTunes store or just link back to your website or blog. The cool thing is that when viewers share your video they all link back to your own URL.

Linked Tube is very easy to setup.

Instead of writing down the steps, I would prefer to leave you with a video with shows you steps.