How to Keep Your Family Safe Online

Every other day new applications, social networking, games come up making our online experience more fun-loving one. But with the advancement in web technologies, cyber crooks are also increasing their way outs to make more and more money by exploiting the newly developed web technologies. No matter what your age is and how much tech savvy you are, you can become a victim of cyber-attacks. We would like to suggest a few guidelines to keep your family safe from online scams:

keep family safe online security

  1. Secure your Wi-Fi Network: You must be aware that every corner of your home catches the Wi-Fi signals and thus it is easy to access by you and all your family members sitting in different corners of your home. Even the people near your home can also access your Wi-Fi so it’s very important to protect your Wi-Fi with a password that only you know. It will restrict the misuse of your internet network by the cyber crooks and scammers.
  2. Read online Privacy policies very carefully: Every time you create your account on any social media platform you are asked to enter your personal details. Make sure you read all the privacy policy terms and conditions and only then enter your personal information so that you don’t get into identity theft.
  3. Beware of Phishing: Some of us are aware about that whenever we receive a URL from a bank or any other website we are not supposed to click on it as it can steal our personal information and we can be a victim of cyber-attack. We need to ensure that every member of our family is well aware about this phishing e-mail system so that they all remain safe from online scams.
  4. Don’t forget your Mobile Devices: Cyber scams can be carried out on your mobile devices as well so protect your mobile devices with a proper security system. Always put a password on your mobile devices and tablets.
  5. Make your family aware about the safe shopping websites: Make your family aware about the genuine online websites for purchasing apparel and furniture. For furniture shopping you can ask your family to rely on the online store of Urban Ladder as it is a genuine website and delivers quality products to the consumers. For apparel websites like Myntra, Jabong, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. are genuine and provide good services.
  6. Download and Install software’s from trusted sources: Not every free music or game download is free from spyware or malware so always take care when you are trying to download a free song or a free game. You should be relying on few trusted sources of yours from which you usually download the stuff and not go for the new download sources.
  7. When you have a doubt, Call support: More the reliable source of security software program more will be the alertness of their customer care services. If you are downloading any song from a website and you find anything suspicious, you can immediately call their 24*7 support number and report the issue.
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