5 Hollywood Movies That Predicted The Future Technologies

I believe that Hollywood movie makers have the key to a magical door that opens up all the possibilities. They can read minds, hearts, and future. They know what our lives are going to look like. They take all our dreams and lives into consideration and make characters out of us. It all becomes a big part of their big dreams – the movies.

Ironically, strange yet true, but there have been thousands of circumstances when we come across something that seems an odd idea until we actually see it happen in the practical reality.

Here are five movies that included the weirdest technology that wasn’t heard of back in those old days but are familiar with all of us today.

1) 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)


What would be your idea of a vacation? Beaches and monuments is all beautiful but I dreamt of tourism in the space. It hit me like a big news when I first heard of Elon Musk working on space tourism. It was finally accepted as a practical idea and not just a mere fantasy. Yes, space tourism is still in process to be finally available to the people. Hopefully, I will be able to afford it. Funny but true.

2) Blade Runner (1982)


Media and advertisement has touched a surreal growth. There are billboards that purify air and generate even power just beside promoting an advertisement. Digital billboards were depicted in the movie Blade Runner. Digital billboards didn’t exist during those olden times while they’re a part of our lives today.

3) Total Recall (1990) 


As a kid when I watched this movie I found it really creepy and haunting. I would question myself how would it be if I was ever brainwashed.

Self driven cars aren’t a distant dream for the humans. Since the huge business companies and individuals like Google and Tesla are already working on this idea it was depicted in the movie back then.

4) Hackers (1995)

Technology: Virtual Reality

This movie seemed quite a tech-savvy one back in the 1990s. However, there was something about the movie that has been quite a sensational topic for modern technology. Hackers predicted the future of gaming. Virtual reality! Yes, that is correct. There is a scene in which the game that surprisingly looks familiar to Oculus Rift is being played on a VR headset.

Virtual Reality gaming didn’t exist back then but it is a recognized technology now since it received a lot of popularity following its launch.

5) Face Off (1997)

Technology: Facial Transplant

This movie is about an American family with a protective father also an FBI agent (John Travolta) fights the bad guy (Nicholas Cage). So eventually there is a face swap between the bad and the good guy.  In short Nicholas Cage is now in the body of John Travolta and misuses his position and family.

The point is, facial transplant technology could have been sparked somewhere after that. The first facial transplant surgery took place in France during the 2005 and it also went in for a long time.

Liked the article? Know of more such futuristic movies? Share with us your opinion in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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