Why is it Crucial to Secure Data?

For most of the businesses securing data is prime importance. All kinds of information are stored in the database – clients’ information, bank account details, information on payments and personal files. Such information is difficult to replace. It is even more harmful if they fall into the wrong hands. As far as enterprises are concerned all the vital records are stored in the database. Hence the databases should be properly secured. One of the surest ways to offer security to the databases is run an encryption program. This secures the database in two ways – firstly, the access to the database is restricted so that all and sundry do not access it. Secondly, in case someone does access the database the encryptions will be there to protect it.

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The encryption programs work in such a way that the content of the database becomes meaningless to the readers. The data is then converted to a form that is legible only when it is accessed with apt decryption algorithm. Therefore, the third parties would not be able to comprehend the meaning of the stored data unless they are aware of the exact decryption algorithm that can be utilized to decrypt the encrypted data. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure that data is safe and secure from unauthorized access.

As of now let’s take a look at why is it important to secure data in the first place.

Measure against Identity Theft

An identity theft occurs when a person’s name or other personal information are stolen in fraudulent ways to meet fraudulent purposes. The sources from which such data can be stolen include credit cards, bank account details, driving license, etc. The threat with this kind of theft is that it can also damage a person’s image besides hurting him financially. The people stealing it might use these details for serious crimes and the person concerned is then left to go through elaborate processes to clear his name. Therefore, it is a must to protect data related to personal details.

Financial Resources can be stolen too

When there is unauthorized access to your bank accounts, the financial resources can be seriously damaged. There had been ample cases in the recent past that showcase how such attacks have increased. The hackers are successful getting away financial holding, thereby landing the concerned person in jeopardy.

Data cannot be mishandled

In this regard it is important to note that data cannot be mishandled. There are times when one becomes desensitized towards important information while dealing with it on a regular basis. But what is important to remember is that perhaps the same data is being handled by someone else at that very minute and can be put to misuse. Hence, it is absolutely necessary that sensitive data is always handled with care and there is optimum security for it.


Small firms make easy targets

Though it sounds a little on the face but it is the bitter truth. Hackers have discovered that it is easy to target the smaller firms. Hence, these are constantly being targeted. The systems of the smaller firms are easier to infiltrate as compared to the bigger ones. Such systems can be ripped up at a faster pace and with better success ratio. This also points out to the fact that a particular firm can be targeted more than once before it actually improve their database security measures. This is one of the reasons why professional help is advised for ensuring database security. There are several well known providers of database management, like, Remotedba.com which can take care of your requirements.


How does unauthorized user access your data?

While you want to understand why it is important to secure data, it is also required to comprehend that how data is hacked.  One might feel quite protected by the software meant for the firewall but the hackers still have several points of entry to the database. Attackers always do not resort to sophisticated means to break into the database. Often they adopt low tech techniques for hacking a database. Phishing is such a kind of hacking.


It is important to assess risks as well. With this process one can find out the potential threats as well. Once the threats have been detected you can further identify the vulnerable areas and then develop strategies accordingly for securing your data. In this regard make sure there is restricted access to email systems and internet. Passwords need to be maintained and the staff should be trained properly as well so that they can deal with data carefully.


Once a plan is made and the risks are assessed, the database security systems can be put in place to protect your vital information from getting stolen. With the advancement in technology it has become all the more important to secure databases.

Author bio: John Croft is a DBA professional who has worked with service providers like Remotedba.com. In this article he explains why it is important to secure data.

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