Intel’s Starts How it Works Campaign to Educate Youth

Personal computers are part of family now, people not only use it for work but also for entertainment and being connected with their beloved ones. But most of the people do not bother about how it works, they simply finish their work and switch it of. But what answers such people may give if asked a question “How it works?” to them? Well, are you curious about the answers by the participants of the campaign? Then check out the “How it works” campaign by intel below.

intel how it works campaign

Intel how it works campaign

The Question How it works?

Recently intel has come up with the campaign with the question “How it works?”. People of some European cities were asked by Intel a question i.e. “What Makes Your Favorite Computing Devices Work?”, the answers from people were hilarious and some answers were crazy.

The Answers By Passer bys

Passers by just started to imagine about the power that makes their PC work. Some answered in a funny way and some with a bit of serious thinking. First reply was just “aaaa…”, second person expresses as fun with robots etc. big spider beast with lots of legs, workshop.

Another Question – How a intel based tablet works?

Another question was “How a intel based tablet works?”, the answer was “like a network of canals, it is like a brain”.

Is that what makes this thing work?

After getting the answers from the passers bys, they were provided with the little Intel micro processor in their hands. Participants were astonished on seeing a small processor by intel. A participant asked “Is that all what makes this thing work?”, “that is tiny!”, “that’s it? that’s crazy!”.

The face of participants after seeing the real thing that makes their device run was full of surprise, some people simply took the micro processor in their hand and started looking into it. The whole campaign was full of fun.

Intel's Starts How it Works Campaign to Educate Youth 1
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