Tips on How to Tweet like a Pro for Your Business

Tips on How to Tweet like a Pro for Your Business

Twitter has climbed the social media ladder with its almost 200 million members tweeting 65 million tweets per day. This number proves to be a very solid search base for potential clients that is why most, if not all, business have seen the potential of Twitter in getting clients for their company.

But in order to fully utilize Twitter, businesses must learn how Twitter really works so here are a few tips on how to effectively use Twitter like a Pro and eventually earn new clients.

tweet-tweet and retweet

1. Learn the Basics. To send a message to a Twitter member, you have to use the following keywords:

  • Type the word “d” in front of a username to send a direct / private message to someone who follows you.
  • Type the word “@” before a username to send a public message to any Twitter member. Take note of any call outs to your tweets so you can reply to them and keep the conversation going.
  • You can tweet someone else’s tweet by using the RETWEET feature and then type the letters “RT” in front of the tweet. Type your own insight about the tweet to add your own personal views so it will not look like a spam message.

2. Establish your readers and community. You need members to subscribe to your content and this will be your active readers who follow your tweets. You can build your “following” by:

  • Inviting customers to follow you in Twitter
  • Promote your Twitter account in your email newsletter, website, product brochures and the like
  • Make a promotion like offering coupon codes, discounts, or a chance to win a product or service for following you on Twitter
  • Check Twitter’s “Who to Follow” feature to check out suggestions of members to follow who have interest in the product or service that you are offering. Chances are, these members will follow you back to add to your community of readers.

3. Customize your Twitter profile. To attract members to follow you, you must have a very appealing and interesting profile page. Customize your profile by adding profile image, background and “About” description.

4. Use URL shortening services. Since Twitter is only limited to 140 characters, use URL shortening services like and TinyURL to shortened website addresses that you want to share in Twitter. That way, your Tweet will not just be made up of long URLs so you still have space to type the personal note that you want to share about that website address.

5. Use third party tools. You can extend the value of your tweets by using third party plugs in like TwitPic or Yfrog to share picture and videos, Twtpoll to use polling service and many more.

Another third party application worth mentioning is Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck lets you manage your Twitter account better by many of its nice feature like allowing you to create a list, monitoring specific keywords that might be of particular interest to your business, adding a column to monitor mentions to your username so you can monitor and reply to all your clients tweets and it also lets you schedule tweets in advance.

6. Use Hash Tags. To make your tweets easily searchable use hash tags which can be done by typing the character “#” followed by a relevant keyword about your tweet.

7. Tweet about latest news. Subscribe to news alerts of topics related to your field of business so you can tweet about it first as soon as it hit the news. For example, your company’s line of business is offering discount vouchers and coupon codes for various online stores like ebags, shoebuy, etc. If you receive an alert about a newly released designer bag, tweet about it right away so it has a bigger chance of attracting your readers.

Twitter can really be a great tool and if use right, might be an effective driving force for the success of your business.

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