How to convert WebP to PNG? Ultimate guide!

A new image format for the Web. Webp is a present day image format which provides exceptional lossless and lossy compression for images which exist on the web. WebP is 26% smaller in size compared to PNG and 25-34% smaller if compared to JPEG images at equivalent SSIM quality index. Converting webp to png is simple and this article has mentioned some of the simple steps for the same.

How can you save Google’s WEBP Images as JPEG OR PNG? OR how can you convert webp to png?

The Webp image format is unique: its unique compression systems can display images at approximately two thirds the size of the same image rendered in JPEG or PNG format.

The main problem is that many browsers still don’t support WebP, so if a website uses .webp files, it has to serve the JPG OR PNG format of those exact same images to Safari or Internet Explorer.

From a webpage that contains a WebP image, first step is to highlight the URL then right click on it and simply copy.

Copy the image

Go to browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari they do not support WebP format right-click on the address bar then paste and click Enter.

Paste the image

Now the image is converted into JPEG or PNG format. Now to save webp as jpg or png simply right click and select the Save picture as.. option.

Select save picture as option

Now simply navigate this picture where you want to save this picture and you have successfully converted webp file to png image!

Using online conversion tools

There are tons of webp to png converter websites which can actually simulate your WebP image to PNG format in second!

Let’s explore a few of these websites to know more about them.

These online simulators handle everything server-side, which means you don’t have to worry about downloading and installing big apps to convert webp to png images or learning command line tools.

NOTE: Never upload any sensitive or confidential file in these online simulators.

Let’s look at one of the webp to png converter simulators named Zamzar

Link to the website:-

Zamzar webp to png converter tool

As you read it’s File conversion made easy. This is one of the popular webp to png converter website. You can also save webp as jpg or any other format you require.


  • Click on Add files and select the file you want to convert.
Zamzar converter
  • Next,\ step click Choose Format, and from the drop-down menu, choose a supported format to convert into. For example, you have convert webp file to png, then select png as shown in the figure.
Choosing format in Zamzar tool
  • Click on convert now.
Convert now option
  • You will soon be redirected to the download page and click on DOWNLOAD button to start the download.
Download option

Save the final file to your desired destination and click OK.

Another special trick to convert Webp to PNG

This neat trick can save you a lot of time with just a slight tweak in the URL. Open Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Opera or basically any browser that supports WEBP image display. Head to a site that uses WEBP images for bandwidth saving, like any of the app listings on

Netflix App

Right click or long press one of images then the image gets its own tab. Then click on “open image in new tab” and the URL which you get is a unique URL of that particular image.

Netflix website

Click the URL bar, delete the last three characters in the address (the “-rw”) in this case and then press “Enter.” The same image will be displayed again, but this time it’s rendered in its original format, usually JPEG or PNG.


Now simply click on the save image as option and it gets saved in JPEG OR PNG format.

Some more online simulators which are super easy to use which converts webp file to png.

Check them out!

Ezgif homepage

Another webp to png converter website which you can use to convert WebP to PNG

Convertio Homepage

Read these to know more!

These were some of the ways to convert the webp file to png. Hope you got the solution and do checkout the links if you want to know more about it.

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