Text box in google docs are the reason why you will never get a demotion, read to find out!


How to insert text box in Google docs can be your life saviour! Do you know what’s amazing about Google docs? At a certain time, a lot of editors can use the same document while all the changes get saved automatically so it saves us from losing any data which usually happens with other platforms plus in Google docs you can download your file in different formats making it super tech-savvy for students and working people.

One of the coolest features is you can use voice typing which means that while you’re giving a speech or a lecture at college for students you can simultaneously use google docs to keep typing the dialogue and lecture that you’re giving to your team or your fellow students. And after your lecture or the meet is done you can simply do small edits to the document and share with your team for future uses, isn’t it amazing? 

Why do we add Text box in Google Docs?

It helps you to attract the reader to a specific subject and make the entire document more attractive with figures and pictures because a beautiful and well-drafted document helps the reader to connect with the content and remember the article for a longer period of time. Insert Text box in google docs to create flow charts using rectangles, circles, squares, etc.

What is a drawing tool?

So on the left-hand corner, you see the Insert tab. When you click on it these options appear where you can see drawing, table, chart, image. Google docs have a standalone feature of the drawing application. This version has many options if you do not want to draw you can use the Documents Drawing app, which includes the ability to upload your own images as part of the drawing.

About the drawing tool
How to select Google drawings

Next, when you click on the drawing icon you see a lot of options

1- Draw and create a new one.

2- Upload a drawing from the drive.

When you click on create a new drawing a page like this appears on your screen:-

The drawing window.

You can now clearly draw shapes, sketch lines, arrows, callouts, and equations according to your project and the flowchart you want. 

You can insert a variety of boxes, select any desired shape and size you want the drawing to be like.

List of arrows
  • Click on the drawing and drag it through your mouse and the shape would appear.
  • You can add as many figures as you want and attach them to your document.
  • Click on save and continue and it can be added to the document hereafter.
  • If you want to resize the shape or size you just need to click and drag and resize the drawing.
  • To simply delete it from your document, select it and press either a backspace or the delete button.
  • To reopen the drawing tool to edit the shape, select the desired shape, and click on Edit from the options that appear below the drawing.
Pointed on Edit

How to add text box in google docs?

Here are some simple steps on how to add text box in google docs:-

  • Click on the drawing icon to know how to insert text box in google docs.
  • Go to new if you want to make a new flowchart and to know how to insert text box in google docs.
  • The drawing box appears which looks like this:-
adding the text boxes.
  • Click on the T box which you see in the actions line to know how to insert text box in google docs.
  • To know how to add text box in google docs click and drag the box according to the shape using your mouse.
  • To add or edit the text inside of a text box or shape, double-click it to open the text editing box.
Text Box added in google docs

How to change the order, shape, size, and colour of the text box in Google docs

  • Now you got to know how to add text box in google docs, now if you want to change the order, right-click to the desired text box or shape. Hover the mouse over Order, then select an ordering option to know how to insert text box in google docs.
The technique of drawing.
  • Now you can change the order and merge the shapes.
  • You can also add colors to the image and make it a colorful and interesting flowchart.

How To Insert Text Box In Google Docs Using a Single Cell Table

One can customize or can know how to insert text box in Google Docs by adding an image, or if you want, you can overlay the image with text.

To insert an image into your shape or text box in google docs:

  1. Click on the shape or text box in google docs , and then click Edit to open the Drawing tool.
Pointing to edit Menu.
  • Click on the image icon and now you can insert an image on your created drawing toknow how to insert text box in google docs.
  • Insert an image by uploading it from your computer, or you can add it from a URL, your albums, Google Drive, or search for it from Google search. Click Select to insert the image.
A textbox with a picture of a cars headlight.
  • You can now colour, add or layer your images according to your choice and layer the image and text box by dragging them to the desired position.

These are super easy hacks that can help you make your document super fun by knowing how to add text box in google docs to read and eye-catching in front of your teammates and your batchmates in a team project. You can always flaunt your editing skills and create amazing documents instead of the boring old school style.

It is always seen that your document resembles a part of your personality so definitely try making it your best one every time.


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