Facing issues in switching off your Google Assistant on your phone? Check this out!

What is Google Assistant ???

Google Assistant is a two-way conversation assistant which is a result of Artificial Intelligence which can be used on mobile and smart devices. The Assistant can understand your voice as a command and can schedule meetings, call people, adjust hardware settings only on your device, and search anything you want. Google CEO Sundar Pichai elucidated that the Assistant was designed to be a conversational and two-way experience, and “an ambient experience that extends across devices”. 

Google assistant on phone

This entire experience is possible using Google’s natural language processing algorithm which helps the software to detect and analyze the human voice. Google Assistant App supports both text or voice entry and it will follow the conversation in whichever means you feel comfortable. There are many other tasks which the assistant manages and some are listed below:

Google Assistant will:

  • Control your devices and your smart devices,
  • Can have access to your mails,calendars, call logs.
  • Find information online, from restaurant bookings to directions, weather and news
  • Control your music and thus your mood.
  • Play content on your Chromecast or other compatible devices
  • Run timers and reminders
  • Make appointments and send messages
  • Open apps which you command and read all notifications from there.

How will you know if Google Assistant App exists on your phone?

To check if your device supports the feature of Google Assistant, say “OK Google” or press-and-hold the home button for some time. That will activate the assistant after which you can schedule your meetings, call someone, put calendar reminders simply with the help of your Google Assistant Settings. Usually, during the set-up of an Android itself, you’ll be prompted to configure the Assistant.

Google Assistant

It’s fun how you have your own manager who can schedule and help you with all your errands, but what if you want to do things by yourself? You want to take control of your own life and want to become self dependent? Sometimes you get irritated by the Assistant and wish to turn off google assistant and do the tasks of your own manually. We have listed some other reasons why you should disable the Assistant below.

Do you know why you should disable Google Assistant App?

  • It can make you careless and irresponsible.
  • This can make you procrastinate your daily errands and make you restless.
  • Some people like to be organized while maintaining diaries and calendars. This Assistant takes away that opportunity from you.
  • Giving up all your private data? Do you want to take that chance?
  • At the end organizing your own stuff helps you remember your tasks and responsibilities.

Now, this were some of the reasons we thought you should disable Google Assistant and do the tasks manually as it is good to remember and you don’t become dependent on the Google Assistant App. If you think disabling the Assistant is a better option, move to the next section of the article.

But how to Turn off Google Assistant?


  • On your Android phone or tablet, say or type “ Hey Google, open GOOGLE SETTINGS” or go to Google Assistant settings.
  • Under “All settings,” tap General.
  • Turn off Google Assistant.

Now your Assistant is turned off and if you wish to change the google assistant settings, then tap on general and then you can enable or disable Google Assistant as per your need.

Phone settings

Google Assistant can help and make your daily work super easy but at times can bug your phone or make it work a little slower than the usual speed so if at all you need to turn off google assistant, the steps mentioned here are super easy to follow.

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