How to boost my internet connection download speed?


I hope you didn't miss our article on Hack: Double your internet download and page load speed from Open DNS and Hack: How To Surf The Internet 100% Anonymously and now we have more interesting article for you.

Every body of us want a more of boost in our internet connection all the time. Don't we? So today I will provide some of the information in which way it can be done.

About ADSL..
But before that I would like to inform you something about the internet speed. Most of us still have some form of ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) connection for our home. Now this connection is called Asymmetric because the upload and the download speed are not same. The Upload speed is always lesser than the download speed unless you request your ISP for the reverse.

About Internet Speed..

We always see that we don't get the full speed while downloading even when using FTP connection.

Why that happens?
When we take a connection of suppose 256kbps(Kilo Bits Per Second) it means that we should get a download speed of 32KBps (Kilo Bytes per second). The conversion is done simply by dividing the given speed from ISP by 8. Now we don't get get the whole of the speed out of that. There are several reasons behind that, some can be resolved to increase your speed by 10 to 15 percent.

  • 1. 10 to 15 percent of your bandwidth is used by TCP headers. Now this is not a waste is a need to maintain the line properly. This bandwidth is required to resend the lost packets and rectify the errors while sending information. However it can be reduced or optimized so that, Windows uses only how much it needs. I will give it below.
  • 2. Memory leaks in Windows Vista and Windows 7. This severely hampers the internet connection. It can be rectified by installing the patch released from Microsoft.

Links to the Windows 7 patch 979223. Please make sure of your version of OS.

  • x86 or x32 processors Download Link
  • x64 processors Download Link
  • Intel Itanium (IA64) processors Download Link
  • 3. Not optimizing the TCP/IP registry settings.

For most of us it is a bit complex to edit the registry settings. So, I will provide a link to a program which will easy the process to bits. Select your Internet speed in the softie, and select the optimal settings button, and it will do the registry optimization for you. This will also resolve the first issue. Please take a backup of your registry before proceeding from regedit. It has increased my speed by almost 15 percent.
Download Link

  • 4. If you are using IE it would be better to switch over to Chrome or Firefox with the recommended ad-dins. These are much secured and much faster than IE.
  • 5. If you are using a Internet security pack always make sure to keep your browser and download agent in exclusion of scanning incoming and outgoing connection. It severely hampers your connection as it unnecessarily scans the connection, and hence induce heavy delay. It is enough to scan the downloaded file fully after the download is completed.
  • 6. Always make sure your computer is free of infection. they not only steal your private info, but also hogs on your net speed.

If you suspect your PC is infected and you don't have Kaspersky download a trial version of( Works full for 1 month) after scan you can uninstall it. After you are done with it, it is better to use "Emergency Repair Disk" made from from Pand software. All you need to do is to download the software and write it to a CD or DVD. Then, you restart your PC, and boot from the CD or DVD. This will boot your computer with Linux with an excellent Antivirus scanner. Since Windows will not be running during the scan, the viruses will be deleted without any issue.
If all of the above steps are properly followed you will see a overall increase in speed of 10-15 percent.

If you have any problem in following any of the above steps please leave comments, I will reply as soon as possible.