Things you can do to Improve your Wireless Internet Speed

When it works well wireless Internet is extremely useful.  The problems start when you experience issues with the signal.  This is particularly frustrating if you’re completing an important project when the problems occur.

You may get irritated if you continually experience interruptions with your wireless Internet even when you take into consideration the benefits of more freedom from a wireless environment. The good news is that there are things you can do to make these interruptions less frequent and improve the reliability of your wireless Internet. Visit the iiNet website to see their NBN rollout, you can find out when it’s going to reach your area & start planning ahead.

wireless internet speed

Location is vital

It is important to think about where you’re positioning your router.  If you place it far away from your desktop PC, and with a lot of walls and other solid object in-between, you’re asking a lot for the signal to be reliable.  You need to make sure that the space between your router and your PC is as reduced and obstacle free as possible.  If the location of your router is not currently maximised you’ll be surprised at how much making a change can improve your service.

Only use Wireless when Necessary

A wireless signal only has so much power and if that power is split then the speed and efficiency of the signal can be adversely affected.  If you are running devices other than your PC wirelessly you should reconsider this.  There is usually no reason to use wireless for these devices as they don’t need to be mobile and can quite easily be run off a wired connection.  This frees up the wireless connection for use on your PC.

Encryption needs to be current

You need to ensure that you use WPA2 encryption.  Not only is this the most secure solution it’s also the most efficient with regards to wireless Internet speed.  The previously used WEP encryption can make your wireless speeds a lot slower.

Change your channel

Each wireless channel supports several different routers.  This means that if there are a lot of routers in use in the area where you live the speed of each router can be seriously reduced.  It stands to reason that you need to try and find the quietest channel possible to optimise the strength of your signal.

First you need to find a baseline by establishing the strength of your current signal, then you need to use the channel selection on your router to locate a new channel and check the strength of the signal again.  Make sure you choose a variety of channels across the range so that you can locate the one that gives you the best speed possible.

Taking any of these courses of action can help to improve your wireless Internet speeds.  This is important not just so that you can make the most efficient use of your PC but also to get the best value for money from your wireless Internet provision.

Things you can do to Improve your Wireless Internet Speed 1
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