Add funny speech bubbles or balloon text to your photos in just a click

Hey want to make some funny photos? I've previously wrote articles on adding shadow effects to your photos, drawing a real human face, and making funny gif effects I hope you have read all of them, if not plz have a look its very interesting to play with your photos.  Now, I'm going to tell you about sites that let you add bulloon text to your images.

Before you step into any of these sites, just click here to have a look at some funny photos that I found

Add speech bubbles to photos worldwide through a Web experience. Speechable allows you to easily upload photos and add speech bubbles and save it to your hard disk and share them across the Internet through websites, mobile devices, blogs, and email.

  • One click Speech bubble.
  • Ease of use using drag and drop interface.
  • Custom Speech bubbles to choose from according to your choice.
  • Create an account to save the photos and share with your friends.
  • Speech bubble gallery to view the funny photos made by users.
  • Ratings, comments, share option and much more interactive tools.
  • You can make your photos private to hide from other users,

Before i say anything about Superlame, Just have a look what others say about Superlame.

"A fun little beta application that transcends it's name... da, da, da, dun, da, dun! SuperLame!"
says -- Cali Lewis, GeekBrief TV

"It is a super simple site where youcan upload pictures super quick, create speech bubbles super easily and either e-mail them or send them to friends."
says -- Alana Taylor, Mashable

"If you've just got a single photo and a desire to make with the funny, go easy on yourself and try SuperLame! Comic Word Balloon Engine."
- Eric Griffith, AppScout

"It's simply a joy to tag up a photo with captions, speech and thought bubbles. Best of all, the end result is total eye candy."
- Josh Lowensohn, WebWare

So I have nothing left to say, its just awesome!

I found this site in Google but I didn't think its soo simple to use and i suggest you to use only if you didn't like Speechable and Superlame.

This is just not exckusively for speechbubbles, but you can do almost all editing here, but you don't have an option to create an account but you can share them with your friends. You can also upload directly to Flicker at one click.


Hey! Do drop your comments about these pics!


  1. Now instead of adding descriptions for my facebook pictures I can add bubbles. This is great! thanks!

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