How to Add Background Music or Welcome Sound to Your website? – with video tutorial

Do you feel your website seems dull? Or are you thinking on how to make your website interactive by adding welcome music or background music? Here is a brief tutor on how to embed sound such as welcome music or background music in your website in less than one minute! Here we have used Adobe Dreamweaver WYSIWYG editor to simplify it for newbies although it could be done using HTML code. Of course background music doesn’t suit all websites but it is must for those who sell musical instruments and audio CDs from their website.

Steps to Embed Background Music to Website

To add sound to website, first of all choose a pleasant music that matches your website content and theme and just go through the easy steps below.

  1. Open Adobe Dreamweaver software, choose “Create New HTML”
  2. Place your cursor where you wish to embed the sound
  3. Click on “Insert” menu and then move your pointer over “Media” option
  4. Choose “Plugin” option which, a very last option from that menu
  5. A dialog box appears, choose the sound file which you wish to embed as a welcome music or background music and click on “OK” button.

Customizing the Music Player

Enlarge the embedded plugin if you want to give the audio controls such as play or pause for your visitors or else just change the parameters of height and width to “0” to hide it. The HTML code to play sound file in website comes with invisible controls is as follows <embed src=”Trance taboo.MP3″ width=”0″ height=”0″></embed> . The HTML Code with visible controls including play, pause, seek and mute comes as <embed src=”Trance taboo.MP3″ width=”308″ height=”65″></embed> . Just change “Trance taboo.MP3” words with your mp3 file name.


You have just learnt- how to add sound to website to make it more interactive. Hope this tutor might help you in your projects to incorporate music in your website within seconds without any prior knowledge of HTML coding and any third party audio players or plugins. All HTML 5 compatible browsers can play the music you just inserted.

How to Add Background Music or Welcome Sound to Your website? - with video tutorial 1
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