Apple Unveils iOS 6 BETA- Top Features One Must Know!

Apple has recently unveiled the much awaited iOS 6 BETA, Apple has promised to make it available for its customers in the season of autumn this year. Apple iOS 6 would be free to download and upgrade which is compatible with following Apple devices including iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 4th generation, iPad 2 and “The new iPad”.

To stop depending on Google Maps which was a default mapping application on Apple’s devices, Apple has introduced its own mapping application in iOS 6 which stands as the major feature of iOS 6 that comes up with more features comparing to Google Maps. Below is the complete set of iOS 6.0 features and upgrades.

iOS 6.0 Features

All New Apple Maps

iOS 6 comes with the new Maps Application developed by Apple. Now Apple users need not depend upon Google Maps. Apple Maps is more interactive and Google Maps, it offers turn-by-turn voice directions, 3D views, and the magnificent Flyover feature. It serves the maps without distorts as it uses the advanced vector based engine that keeps map’s text and graphics vibrant. You can even take the help of Siri which is updated with more stuff.


Integrated Facebook

Facebook has been integrated in all the major apps of iOS 6 including Maps, Camera, Games, Siri, Calendars and Contacts etc. Now you can directly share the snaps taken from your Apple device to Facebook, post your current location to your Facebook wall right from Maps app and get to know the birthday reminders from your calendar itself as Facebook events will be synced with your calendar. Of course you can use Siri to post on your wall by just speaking.


New calling feature

New calling feature of iOS 6 allows declining an incoming call with reply with a text message or callback reminder. You can go for “Do Not Disturb” mode if you are too busy but at the same time you can allow to call important contacts, thus you can only get the calls from the people you choose.


Updated Siri

iOS 6 comes up with updates Siri which can understand more languages. It is also updated with more answers and integrated with Facebook and Twitter as well so you can post or tweet by talking to it. Siri is also powered to use with Apple map to make your search seamless.


New Passbook

iOS 6 has introduced new kind of e-tickets app that allows you to manage and carry your electronic tickets of flight, movie or sports etc. You can come to know the expiry date of your coupons and balance available in your cards with this useful app.


Along with these major additions and updates to iOS 6, the development team has also updated and improved some other apps in this version of operating system. Here we also get even better email app, photo sharing, improved Safari browser and updated FaceTime that supports cellular networks too. iOS 6.0 features comes friendly for differently abled persons, VoiceOver screen reader feature integrated with Apple Maps, AssistiveTouch and Zoom assists vision loss users to interact with their Apple device more comfortably than ever.

Apple Unveils iOS 6 BETA- Top Features One Must Know! 1
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