Top 3 Free Quick Publishing Websites to Share Your Thoughts in Seconds

Do you have a great idea or thoughts to share with your friends and colleagues but don’t have enough time to setup your own blog? Well, quick publishing services come handy in such situation. quick publishing comes up with a text editor similar to MS word or WordPress where you can add your text, images and even some html elements, once done with editing you can publish your content which can be viewed from a specific URL.

Quick publishing webpages which are also known as disposable webpages also comes handy when you want to keep your friends or colleagues updated with the event or meetings you organized. The quick online publishing tools mentioned below don’t require registration.

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Dinky page

Dinky page

Dinky page is an outstanding quick publishing service to share your thoughts, it comes up with a simple WYSIWYG editor that allows you to add your text with many formatting options. you can update your page later by bookmarking the editor. In Dinky page you can also switch to html editor and add html codes to beautify your page. Dinky page allows you to delete your webpage with a unique deletion URL once you decide to remove it.

In Dinky page you can even add Javascript or Flash file to make your page more attractive and interactive. One more notable point is that your article is published without any advertisements. is a quick online publishing tool which has a simple yet attractive interface. Specify your article title and add the text and you are ready to publish the content. Before publishing you will be asked to enter a password so that you can edit your page later. supports some HTML elements to make your web page more catchy. team promotes your article if they found your content good. Pages created with won’t expire.

Disposable Web Page

Disposable Web Page

With disposable web page you can create web pages similar to wikipedia which self destructs in 90 days or the time you specify. DisposableWebPage comes up with collaborative feature that means you can also give the permissions to your friends and colleagues to work together.

Just specify the page title and enter the captcha, you will be then provided with a master key by which you can edit or change the page settings. In “Edit” tab you can add your content, images, smileys and even html code. disposable web page provides a destructing URL to delete your web page in case if you want to delete before the set time.

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