Double your internet Surfing Speed With Open DNS

What is DNS?: DNS stands for Domain Name System. In the Internet it is always not what it seems. When we type the address, it is actually not represented by the alphabets, instead it is represented by a set of numbers like However since all the websites are represented in the same way, it would be humanely impossible to remember a website address more than a few. So to over come this, the DNS comes into action. Now what DNS servers do is to convert these set of numbers into a humanely readable format or the website address. And also the vice verse.

What Is Open DNS?
Every ISP (Internet Service Provider) maintains their own DNS servers, to provide service. Now these are private DNS and are mostly locked by them. And these also have many limitations, one of them being the slow as they don’t have many servers to resolve the host-names.

Now Open Dns is the DNS system which can be used by anyone over the world and it is not locked. Means anyone can send a query to its servers.

Why should I use Open DNS?

Open DNS is a alternative DNS service to your ISP Dns.
The points that should be noted is that Open DNS offers faster resolution and many other advanced features. Like misspelling correction, protection from Phishing and many other optional filtering. The increase in speed of resolution is done as it maintains servers all over the world and a huge Cache of web pages so as to minimum the delay as much as possible. Which is very much limited in the case of your ISP Dns servers.

Open DNS has also launched a program called Phis tank, in which users can submit probable phishing sites, which are then analyzed and added to their database. So you get a added layer of security from phishing sites.

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Open DNS has also some paid programs, but however you can use their free programs as it is as good as the paid one.(Which includes some additional facilities).

How Do I Shift To Open DNS?

The Open DNS address are as mentioned below:

  • (
  • (
Now to change your DNS address, it would be best to directly change it from your router.
It can also be done from Network connections.

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To change it from your router go to your router control panel by entering in your web browser. It will ask you for the username and password.
If you haven’t changed the username and password then by default in most routers it is admin for both username and password. If it doesn’t work please confirm your router manual. You can always find an online manual on the company’s website.

After entering the router control panel you will find an option to change the DNS ( I cannot guide in it as there are thousands of different routers). It can be found easily if you carefully check all the options. Now change the DNS with the first two address given above.

Now click on “Save” and reboot the router. And you are good to go. You will certainly notice the difference in speed.

Other Features:

  • You can short the website address with anything like you can just type “mail” to go to “” to read your emails online. For this you will need to log in to your Open DNS account and make a bookmark once.
  • 2. If you want your children to or anyone else not to view any adult content. That can also be done easily, by enabling the advanced web filtering options.
  • 3. You can also block specific websites of your choice.
  • 4. Phishing protection.
  • 5. Misspell correction.
  • 6. High increase in surfing speed.

If you face any problem please leave your comments, our crew will be glad to assist you with it.

Double your internet Surfing Speed With Open DNS 1
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