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Making signatures with the help of a signature app online for free is not easy. There are two kinds of risks involved here. Former is the trouble of relying on an unknown application with your professional and confidential papers; the latter is the fear of choosing a device that you cannot deal with. 

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The significance of online signatures can not be denied as they are used at various levels, including personal and professional. In case you need to go for software that is free of cost and does all the work with complete safety, you have landed yourself in the right place. 

Here we will let you know how you can create online signatures without paying anything with the help of one of the most trusted applications. Read this article till the end to find out what we have for you to look for. 

Why Creating Online Signatures?

If you are not already using an application to make signs with an electronic device, this question will pop up inside your head, which is why someone would like to go for e-signs. The answer is quite simple because of the unlimited advantages that come along with them. 

E-signatures make our life easy and stress-free and give us so many benefits that we cannot imagine otherwise. From here you can easily Navigate to the electronic signature page if you would like to. These apps are unique because they are best at offering so many perks to users.

One of the top features that come with electronic signatures is that you can stay wherever you are and do all the work remotely. No need to be physically present at a particular place as you can do all the signing work via online processing. 

With only having the internet and an e-device, you can do all the work from wherever you are. You can learn more from this article or can get to know through online sources if you need to. Stay where you are, and make business agreements as you like. 

You don’t have to restrict yourself to a particular area to make business deals and eliminate the possibility of making contracts outside your region. These apps help you with making business contracts from wherever you need to without having any second thoughts.

The environmental factor cannot be neglected because it allows you to reduce paper usage and go green. This will ultimately help you control deforestation by making a huge difference and proving yourself to be a responsible citizen.

Online signature apps are best when it comes to privacy. You don’t have to roam around with a bunch of papers from one place to another. These apps are best because your data remains safe here. 

There is no possibility of getting leaked as the information is secured with an extra layer of protection. You make passcodes and fingerprints to secure the data. All the information will be shared through online processing, so here you are completely safe.

Managing paperwork would be tiring and exhausting to deal with. Apart from that, you cannot handle it on your own property as not many people are capable enough to do that. Plus, there is always the possibility that your essential documents might get lost. To save yourself from this trouble, you can try e-signature apps as they are 100% safe.

The money you spent on buying papers and other things related to printing, scanning, photocopies, etc. can be saved and invested in the business. This will help you in saving a considerable amount that you invested in purchasing papers.

CocoSign as the Best Application for Creating Online Signatures

 CocoSign is a cloud-based software that allows you to use this application with an electronic device and a stable internet connection. There is no need to have anything else to use the app. 

If you are looking for a secure solution, then there is nothing better than CocoSign as it has everything that people look for. The application is secured with an additional layer of security so you can use it without any trouble. There are passcodes and fingerprints that you need to make to ensure it.

You would be able to access different subscription plans to choose the one that suits your business needs properly. All these plans are cost-effective, so go for the one that suits your business needs in the best way possible. In the starting phase of your work, you can go for a free plan, but you need to go for a paid plan later.

There is a library of templates for you, so pick the one that suits you the best. These are made by keeping in mind your business needs. You can choose the templates that you think are suitable for your business requirements.

cocosign online signature tools

All the activities are being monitored in real-time. This means that you can keep an eye on the activities related to your business whenever someone opens, signs or edits the document that you uploaded. With these apps’ help, you can keep track of all the business partners and know who has signed the documents and who is next in line.

You can work even in offline mode. You can’t have the internet all the time, so if you need to work on something urgent and save your time, you can do things offline. This will let you do everything you need related to documentation.

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These changes will be saved in drafts, so you can shift them wherever you need to wherever you go back in online mode. Through CocoSign, you can give documents a proper sequence the way you want them. 

Regardless of your business’s size, CocoSign helps you with all sectors and areas of your business. You don’t need to be worried about your work’s nature, as this application is best for dealing with all kinds of companies. 

CocoSign offers you different formats to work. It includes Word, PDF, JPD, Excel and others. You can make necessary changes whenever you need to even after uploading the document. Add the forgotten image or text that you wanted to add previously but didn’t remember, but can add now. 

sign Word, PDF, JPD, Excel

Creating Online Signature with CocoSign

  • At the start, you need to log into the CocoSign platform with your name and password.
  • Now press on ‘Sign Up’ to create a new account if you don’t have one.
  • Here press on the caption that says ‘Create Signature.’ A new dialogue box will pop up.
  • Just press on the ‘Draw’ button and use your mouse or touchpad to draw your signature in any way you like.
  • In the end, you are done with drawing your signature, so press on the ‘Create’ button.


We hope that the above information would be enough to get to know about online signatures and their importance. In case you are looking for a one trusted application, then there is nothing better than CocoSign. 

We can vouch for you for this app as we know it will never disappoint you in any way. This fantastic application has everything that people look for in a reliable application. Try this out and let us know if you have any further questions. We would love to help you. 

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