Bosch Recently Launched Phantom Edge With AIoT Platform For Industries To Have Real Time View Of Energy Consumption, 2021

Phantom edge with AIoT platform

Bosch has recently launched an all new AIoT platform named Phantom Edge. This platform along with the combined potential of Artificial Intelligence and Internet Of Things (AIoT) have tried to come up with the actual usage of the electrical energy, electrical parameters, operating usage, and not leaving behind the appliance level statistics. This is SaaS, a cloud based platform which has the ability to provide immediate alerts and notification for the users so that they can take action for the productivity of assets.

Speaking during the launch, Dattatri Salagame, President and Managing Director of RBEI said, “With over 130 years of deep engineering experience solving real-world problems and catering to the demand for niche solutions across industries, Bosch’s Phantom Edge is a powerful ecosystem designed to be leveraged for industries who are jump starting their digital journey. Phantom Edge has potential applications in a number of industries like healthcare, retail, commercial spaces, agriculture, mobility, industrial manufacturing etc. RBEI’s vision is to provide smart solutions for the globe and Phantom Edge is a step in that direction. We believe we have built a product that is truly invented for life.”

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions(RBEI), Phantom Edge uses highly technological statistics like the unobtrusive sensors for gathering the power signatures as well as ML algorithms. After analyzing the signatures it is now capable of providing the concurrent outlook of the electrical energy , electrical parameters, operating usage and the appliance level information for creating the digital twin. All this provided details are considered helpful in extemporizing the metrics of feasibility and efficiency. Besides that they also offer you all the guidance on the maintenance of the machine, early warnings and the critical safety detailing.

This device consists of Arm Cortex, i.MX 8M Mini Dual lite, 1.6 GHz Speed Processor, along with 2 GB RAM for running the high potential algorithms of AI and ML. In case of connectivity issues, all data gets stored in the 8 GB internal memory available. It also supports 2G, 3G, 4G connection for cloud connectivity, others are Wi-Fi, BLE, RS 232 serial and Ethernet are basically for interacting with peripheral assets or sensors. 

Phantom Edge with AIoT platform is non-intrusive and has a strong atmosphere on the cloud.  It is best in delivering manufacturing efficiency, important notifications and alerts for time précised, actionable insights. The configurable portal and the dashboard available for the user is successful in maintaining the transparency with the factory operations. Phantom Edge with AIoT platform is well capable of automating data capture, measuring the precise down time. 

Addressing the real need of the hour Kaushik Sarkar – Senior Vice President and Director, RBEI said, “Bosch Phantom Edge will stand as a strong pillar for various industries to significantly improve their machine efficiency which is the cornerstone to secure India’s digital future. For Industry 4.0 to reap its true benefits, there needs to be a seamless integration of the value stream that includes the entire supply chain. Also, Bosch Phantom Edge’s non-intrusive design eliminates the concerns of meeting industry standards for the OEMs. As customers form the core of our focus, the Phantom Edge is developed as a perfect solution for monitoring equipment status and metrics in real-time.”

User Cases of Phantom Edge with AIoT Platform:

The two major use cases of the Phantom Edges with AIoT platform are:

Residential and Commercial Spaces, Retail: Phantom Edge Real time Monitoring is used for delivering energy consumption data without the installation of sub meters. It also helps in the identification of the irregularities. Furthermore, it also provides alternatives to achieving energy saving goals.

Discrete Manufacturing SMEs: Phantom connected devices are powerful in delivering the precise information on machine OEE like performance, availability, quality.

Bosh Phantom Edge was commodified in such a way that it can be used by a wide range of industries and can initiate their digital journey via the consulting workshops, personalized counseling, and content rich knowledge portal for resource intensive industries such as retail stores, commercial areas, manufacturing configurations, industrial production facilities, SMEs, textiles, oil and gas terminal and many other industries.

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