5 Must-Have SaaS-based decision Tools for Your Organization

Cloud-based technology has greatly transformed the way businesses operate across the globe.  Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) being one of the most promising cloud-computing infrastructures is no exception. It is currently successfully catering to diverse needs in various industries. Moreover, with such a large pool of SaaS tools available in the market, companies are overwhelmed by the thought of choosing only one tool for their business. 

SaaS-saas-based decision tools

When it comes to shortlisting the ones that are best suitable for your organization, the approach may differ with respect to the industry or the type of products you produce. Each SaaS tool existing in the market is packed with a unique set of features and functionalities. Hence, coming up with the ones that will address your concerns may seem a bit time-taking as you need to research and analyze the variety of alternatives you have. 

In order to save your time and reduce the burden of evaluating every single option, we compiled some amazing Saas tools for you to choose from. However, before directly jumping into the list, it would be very beneficial for you to have a picture outlined about what you are looking for! This will not just help you in developing your evaluation checklist but will also direct you to find the right fit for your organization.

Here are some essential and intriguing saas-based decision tools for your organization:

ProofHub-saas-based decision tools

ProofHub is a basic SaaS tools project management software that enables you to stay on top of your projects and deadlines. It allows teams to collaborate on a project, assign tasks to respective members, and keep a tab on the milestones in case of each project.

Through this software, you will have access to all details and intricacies of the project. It is readily available on Google Play Store enabling you to stay connected with your team through other devices as well. 

Xero-saas-based decision tools

Xero is an accounting software developed with an intention to mainly help small and mid-sized businesses. When it comes to resolving all your financial concerns, Xero acts as an ultimate solution for all these finance-related issues. Whether it is about tracking your cashflows or efficiently managing your transactions, this software has got it all covered.  

Some more key features include access to expenses and bills that will allow you to know about your average expenditure.

Keka HR-saas-based decision tools

Every organization needs to organize, store, and manage all the employee-related data efficiently. An HRMS software solution like Keka offers an extensive range of features like attendance and leave management, payroll management, remote clock-in, performance tracking, custom reports, timesheets, etc. allowing you to have a centralized database for all this information.

If you are looking forward to automating and streamlining your HR functions, then Keka HR is a great tool for your organization. 

Calendly– saas-based decision tools

Calendly is a simple software primarily developed to provide a secure and easy way to connect with your clients or colleagues. It is basically designed to eliminate all the old school ways of scheduling meetings, calls, demos, or interviews.

With Calendly, all you have to do is set your availability, share the link with the people you want to connect, and let them decide the date/time based on their preference, which will automatically reflect on your calendar.

Toggl– saas-based decision tools

If you are wondering where all your time is going while working across different projects at the end of the day, then Toggl may help you determine and track your time. Whether you are an individual, business, or a freelancer, keeping track of time spent on each task is the most common challenge for every one of us.

Toggl acts as a time tracking tool to determine your efficiency at each task and ways to optimize it further. With an iOS and Android app available, it is easily accessible to businesses to effectively manage their time.

Apart from these, there are many more SaaS tools available in the market to choose from. We have tried to compile some of the best tools with a unique set of features they offer to the seamless functioning of your business operations. More and more businesses around the world are openly embracing the SaaS revolution. However, choosing the right SaaS-based decision tools can either make or break the way your business operations. 

Hence, be wise while choosing appropriate SaaS tools for your organization!

5 Must-Have SaaS-based decision Tools for Your Organization 1
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