Bloggers!!! Beware Of Copycats. They Will Steal Your Traffic & Your credits!!!

Today morning was really interesting for me. Early morning a dog torn my shoe, and but somehow he left ūüôā And later I¬†switched¬†on the PC and as usual I was reading articles, then i looked the Google analytics account and felt like traffic is gradually reducing in our site, to check the position one of our article I randomly selected ¬†and article¬†Awesome Delicious Bookmark Button With Counter for Blogspot and WordPress Plugin and search for Delicious Bookmark Button With Counter in Google, just to check its position in search results, and I was shocked to see what appeared on my screen. Check it yourself in the below screenshot. The copied version of our post is being displayed in higher position of search results and the original article from is being listed at the 4th spot. OMG at least its in the first page.

If you are not sure, what to do if your article is being copied, then read this post here: How to find if article theft (Plagiarism) and steps to prevent it.

Update: has removed all the copied content from their blog.

So see what he is¬†up to, i went to the alleged copycat blog, then I found almost all posts which is published in is being automatically posted there, with the same Author name and same images and content, the page was exactly the same as’s post page except the style and theme was different. I found out that its done by some automated robot and but still I tried to contact the administrator. Then I found that the blog is hosted in Hostgator. I when to online chat support of Hostgator, the customer support representative sent me to this page. The page says to write to DMCA regarding the copyright violation and i did as it said. Read more about DMCA ACT in Wikipedia

I have been reporting few blogs to DMCA before and 2 among them are¬† and another one i don’t remember the¬†URL¬†but it was deleted due to¬†copyright¬†violation.¬†Among which’s author agreed to remove the copied contents, so I ignored him.

This is a worst¬†nightmare¬†of any blogger, it really sucks when someone else get the credit and loyalty of your work, I’ve spend hours as long as 7 hrs to write a single article spending time to research and find resources and editing images, These copycats simply copy our content and display them as theirs. They get comments of appreciation while sit like ducks here. I’ve stopped posting since few months now, and this was really shocking for me. I know there are more copycats out there. And I’m even thinking to provide a service to all bloggers to prevent plagiarism and save their precious work.

Bloggers!!! Beware Of Copycats. They Will Steal Your Traffic & Your credits!!! 1
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